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Tata Elxsi eying to test driverless cars on Indian roads

Tata Elxsi eying to test driverless cars on Indian roads

Srishti Deoras

Do not get in for a surprise if you see a driverless car speeding the roads of Bengaluru in the days to come! It has long been speculated that Tata Elxsi, a part of Tata concentrating on fields like automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics, have been eying to test driverless cars on Bengaluru roads. This surely brings a good news for the country as the concept of driverless cars would no longer be restricted to the west counterparts.

Reportedly it is gearing up the test in Bengaluru, which happens to house the company’s headquarters. Tata would become the first ever company in India to have done so and would join the likes of Google, Apple, Tesla and Uber who have already ventured out in the field of autonomous cars, with quite a remarkable success. Tata has been working for quite a while in the autonomous car space which is evident from its 2014 Tata Motors Zest Sedan.

If reports are to be believed, the company has already started the process in the outskirts of Bengaluru.  Loaded with wide range of sensors and cameras, the autonomous car would not be something designed from scratch, but a re-engineered product of two Sedans, one of which is from Tata Motors. The sensors fitted would send out inputs about braking, accelerating etc., hence making the cars fully autonomous.

Currently seeking permission from authorities, there were also reports of company’s shares advancing by quite an impressive number following the news of the company looking to test a driverless car.


Although the idea of automated cars or driverless car is not new, but having it tested on world’s one of the most populated roads with unmanageable traffic looks like a tough call. It is a moment of pride for India to have advanced into this field, but there seems to be a far stretched reality in having its successful run on the Indian roads given the road and traffic conditions. Being a tech enthusiast, we nevertheless hope for the best!



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