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Top 11 Artificial Intelligence Reddit Threads You Should Follow In 2019

Top 11 Artificial Intelligence Reddit Threads You Should Follow In 2019

Despite a slew of social media platforms that facilitate interactions, Reddit has distinguished itself from its counterparts because of the quality of discussion that each subreddit produces. Due to this reason, the platform is used by experts from different fields to express their views. One such topic that has generated a veritable debate on Reddit is artificial intelligence, with users directly sharing their views with top industry stalwarts like Andrew Ng and Yann LeCun. The discussion on each of these subreddits varies from latest development in the field to publishing research papers.

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We have picked 11 such subreddits that you must follow in 2019 to stay abreast about the latest development in the field of AI and ML.

  1. r/Futurology: This subreddit has close to 13.5 million subscribers. It is devoted to the field of future studies and discussions about the development of humanity, technology, and civilisation. For example, one of the most discussed topic in the platform has been about the recent scientific innovation which can determine a chick’s gender before it hatches. The post has garnered 35.4 likes and over two thousand people have commented on the thread.
  2. r/machinelearning:This subreddit is dedicated exclusively to research-oriented AI enthusiasts who wish to have a nuanced learning experience. The platform encourages its users to share authentic research papers, journals and thesis.
  3. r/artificial: This is the most popular subreddit among AI enthusiasts and one of the primary aims behind the page is to debunk the myths surrounding AI. “We want to provide a low barrier of entry, specifically “because there are so many misconceptions about AI. We do ask that you put in a little effort before posting,” reads their description.
  4. r/technology: Is an interesting platform where it encourages its users to ask AI-related questions to one another. However, the page has stringent protocols to follow while posting a question.
  5. r/analytics: This subreddit is focussed mainly on web analytics, data and business analytics. This subreddit helps workings professionals acquire new skills and help them with the know-how of web analytics.
  6. r/Automate: This is a page dedicated exclusively for discussion on automation, additive manufacturing, robotics and AI. The users have the freedom to share news articles regarding any of these topics and have a discussion on the latest development.
  7. r/DarkFurturology: This is a unique page in the sense that its users’ only concern is dystopian trends. The activities concerning this page talk about instances where technology has gone wrong.
  8. r/mlpapers: The primary aim of this page is to help ML enthusiasts learn more about the new tech and its application. In order to achieve this, it encourages paper discussion on a weekly basis.
  9. r/neuralnetworks: This subreddit is dedicated exclusively for Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Machine Learning.
  10. r/MLQuestions:  Most people say you learn from your mistakes and this subreddit literally goes by this motto. This Reddit page encourages its new learners to ask stupid questions and even get answers for it from experts.
  11. r/learnmachinelearning: This subreddit lets you chat with industry experts directly and have an insider perspective.

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