Top 6 Free Courses To Help Data Scientists Prepare For Job Interviews

Job Interview

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Calls for interviews, albeit exciting, can be quite daunting too. Just as data science is an ever-evolving discipline, so are the dynamic interview practices to land a job in this field. It is often a travesty that perfectly accomplished data scientists fail to do well in some of these interviews, either because they are unable to communicate effectively, or they do not prepare adequately.

Recruiting technology has evolved in recent years. It has become more sophisticated, and if professionals want to stand out in job interviews, they will have to employ new strategies to get noticed.

A host of new online courses can help plug this gap. Whether you are just entering the workforce or looking to switch jobs, these expert-led courses will guide you through the key steps required to ace your next interview. Offering a media-rich learning experience, some of these courses will equip you with specific interviewing techniques to improve your chances of landing a job:

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Udemy’s Job Interview Skills Training

About the course: Put together by TeachUcomp, this comprehensive course enables learners to master their interviewing skills. With 33 on-demand video lessons, it will teach candidates to understand what they can do before an interview is scheduled, how they can answer ‘15 most important interview questions’, and even handle the follow-up process after an interview.

According to the course creators, they have incorporated nearly two decades of experience, in-classroom training and teaching techniques to prepare this material. What is more, after completing the class, learners can practice their skills by toggling into the application.

Associated Institute: TeachUcomp
Duration: 1.5 hours 
Click here to enrol

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Coursera’s Advanced Interviewing Techniques

About the course: Modelled by the University of Maryland, this course aims to give learners detailed strategies to handle tough competency-based interviews. It also emphasises on behavioural techniques, enabling them to identify and understand what a potential employer might be looking for.

Part of the Interviewing and Resume Writing in English specialisation, it covers skills required to respond to tricky questions, demonstrate strengths to interviewers, ask appropriate questions that convey key competencies, and the skills to negotiate good compensation packages. What is more, it also prepares learners for telephonic interviews.

Associated Institute: University of Maryland
Duration: 21 hours
Click here to enrol

Edx’s English@Work: Basic Job Interview Skills

About the course: With up to 3 hours of weekly course work, learners can learn basic job interview skills under a month. Using videos led by industry professionals, it will teach learners the ‘six-step formula’ to give a successful interview, how to successfully stand out, avoid common mistakes, and answer to impress while highlighting their soft skills.

According to the course creators, it will help learners build a solid foundation to emerge successful in any job interview. Although the course is free, learners can get a verified certificate if they are willing to make a small payment.

Associated Institute: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Duration: 3 weeks
Click here to enrol

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FutureLearn’s How To Succeed At Interviews

About the course: Put together by The University of Sheffield, the course is targeted at professionals in the early stages of their career. It would also be helpful to people who have not given an interview in a while, and are thus, out of practice.

According to the course creators, it will help learners get a better understanding of how to anticipate key questions, create a good first impression, dress appropriately for an interview, modulate their voice depending on the question, direct questions at interviewers, and how to successfully handle different types of interviews. What is more, the course also covers telephonic interviews and those conducted over video calls, and how to give good presentations.

Associated Institute: The University of Sheffield
Duration: 3 weeks
Click here to enrol

Coursera’s Successful Interviewing

About the course: Part of a five-course specialisation on landing, preparing, and giving successful job interviews, it covers advanced interview formats, including situational and remote interviews. It also focuses on teaching learners how to conduct thorough research on the company to prepare well for an interview.

Additionally, it covers critical traditional questions (Tell Me About Yourself), how to handle the first 5 minutes when the tone for the rest of the interview has already been set, speech techniques to sound persuasive, how to present accomplishments effectively, and more.

Associated Institute: University of Maryland
Duration: 24 hours
Click here to enrol

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How2Become’s Online Interview Training 

About the course: Although the course is not essentially free, the platform is providing 30-day free access to all its users. Put together by award-winning career coach and best-selling author Richard McMunn, it comprises training guides and videos.

With this course, learners can train themselves to create a good impression, understand commonly held misconceptions when it comes to job interviews, avoid common mistakes, and navigate the dos and don’ts to emerge successful in interviews.

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