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White House to embrace AI amidst further scrutiny

White House to embrace AI amidst further scrutiny

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson
Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

As the AI in apps, AI in music, AI in movies and AI-in-everything is gaining popularity, it’s use by the government for a better governance comes as the most likely step. In a recent update, US government has shown keen interest in the technology and sees a worthier future with it.  Expanding its utility over healthcare, education, industrial growth and more, White House has suggested in its recent blog that it wants AI to be the future but before that a thorough check on its flip side is what they are preying on.

If we take a sneak peek at the use of AI by US government, they are already inching towards implementing artificial intelligence in healthcare which is evident by initiatives such as Precision Medicine Initiative and Cancer Moonshoot where it is finding the patterns of medical data, suggesting treatments and improving patient’s health. To impart next-gen education and transforming global transportation and logistics systems such as by introducing self-driving vehicles and aircrafts, are others that exist in their to-do list.

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What is the worry?

Though artificial intelligence would usher a great deal of opportunities, White House officials are sceptical of introducing it into everyday life. And the worries are many- such as complex policy changes, invasion of safety and regulatory guidelines and other potential risks that comes along with any transformative technology. For instance, AI application would create new jobs albeit putting at risk the jobs of a large junk of workforce.

What is White House doing?

In the wake of forming a firm opinion about the effects and side effects of implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy would be co-hosting public workshops to get opinion from the public. Various organizations such as National Economic Council & other academic and non-profit organizations would be a part of this alliance. They have also invited the ingenious in this field to spill out their opinion.

That’s not all. To benefit the public and run the government effectively with AI, it has set a new National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Subcommittee on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It would monitor the advances and milestones in AI within the Federal Government and help coordinate federal activity.

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The NSTC group is intended to work towards increasing the use of AI and improving the delivery of government services by evaluating new AI-driven approaches and suggesting how it could be used to make government services more effective.

With a wide scope spread across security, growth and development, AI could be integrated in both government and private sector activities. And with various brainstorming concepts such as urban systems and smart cities along with other issues like social welfare, criminal justice and environment being on the priority list, not just the US but AI is slowly invading other territories across the globe as well.

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