8 Must-Have Tools for Every React Developer Toolkit

Here’s how to have a clean, robust and maintainable code to level up as a React developer
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If you like how your applications look, praise the front-end developer. React developers, also known as front-end developers, use ReactJS to create user-friendly features for websites and applications. These developers focus on everything you see and interact with in their applications. Hence, they need the best tools out there to design and launch manageable content. 

With that in mind, today we take a look at the top tools for React developers that facilitate the building of robust and maintainable codes.

React 360

Who doesn’t want interactive 360 degree experiences in web browsers? React 360 brings together React’s propositional power with modern APIs to help coders create applications accessible via different types of devices. The tool uses the React ecosystem and modern web technologies to create cross-platform 360 degree experiences.


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Here’s the GitHub repository


Developed by the same folks as React, the versatile JavaScript testing framework is the best choice for testing React components. Jest provides a high iteration speed combined with powerful features like mocking modules and timers so developers can have more control over code execution.

Here’s the GitHub repository


Want to design a complete UI without a complex dev stack? Storybook is the answer. Designed to create, develop, and test UI components, the tool provides a UI component playground as well as a development-friendly environment. It’s a quick means of testing and displaying them. Moreover, it provides a plugin ecosystem to help extend and finetune applications. 

Here’s the GitHub repository

React Cosmos

React Cosmos offers an all-in-one solution for every small and big component in React development. By scanning the components, it allows users to render components with any composition of context, state, and props. 

Moreover, you can view applications evolve in real time when connecting with running instances. With surface dependencies, React Cosmos enhances the component design. It demands you to define your sane component inputs and results in easier debugging & predictable UIs.

Here’s the GitHub repository


Instead of making a fixed configuration, this open-source JavaScript framework promotes creating systems that anticipate new as well as changing design needs. Built by Segment, the framework provides complete control when required. As a result, it remains a solid choice for apps that should be visually pleasing. Moreover, it offers a UI design language for web applications.

Here’s the GitHub repository.

Why Did You Render

Created by Welldone Software, ‘Why Did You Render’ is a library to detect why a component in an app is re-rendering through monkey patches in React. On top of that, it notifies you about potentially avoidable re-renders. The tool easily identifies why and when the components re-render, which is useful for debugging performance-related issues.

Here’s the GitHub repository

React Hook Form

React form provides API for building performant, flexible, and extensible forms with easy-to-use validation. It is a minimal but feature-complete library that works without any dependencies. React Hook Form features revolutionary APIs that use React uncontrolled components and refs. This approach makes React Hook Form more performant than other form-building libraries in React.

Here’s the GitHub repository

React Boilerplate

This open-source tool for programmers shortens the development process by replicating sections of the code to use across several projects. With 28.2k ratings on GitHub, React’s is a well-designed boilerplate in the Javascript UI Libraries, which advertises its availability through its application even with no network connection. 

Here’s the GitHub repository.

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