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Lokesh Choudhary

Digital India Needs Digital MP

India is planning to increase the seats of MPs in parliament by 2026, and since we are at it, why not also include an AI member?

Zinnia Banerjee

Digital Twins Is A Clever Way To Fight Urban Floods

According to a Nasscom report, Bengaluru accounts for a quarter India’s tech talent.Authorities can always take the help of the city’s very own techies to come up with cutting edge technological solution.

Lokesh Choudhary

Digital India Needs Smart Grid

Over 700 million people in India were left without power in 2012 due to a severe blackout. India’s national grid has changed since then, but not enough. Smart Grids are more urgently needed in Digital India than you might think.

People & Technology
Sreejani Bhattacharyya

The Digital Transformation Journey of Vedanta

In the current digital ecosystem, the evolving technologies can be seen both as an opportunity to gain new insights as well as a disruption by others, says Vineet Jaiswal, chief digital and technology officer at Vedanta Resources Limited

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