Analytics India Magazine chronicles technological progress in the space of analytics, artificial intelligence, data science & big data by highlighting the innovations, players, and challenges shaping the future of India through promotion and discussion of ideas and thoughts by smart, ardent, action-oriented individuals who want to change the world.

Since 2012, Analytics India Magazine is dedicated to passionately championing and promoting the analytics ecosystem in India. We have been a pre-eminent source of news, information and analysis for the Indian analytics ecosystem, covering opinions, analysis, and insights on key breakthroughs and future trends in data-driven technologies as well as highlighting how they’re being leveraged for future impact.

With a dedicated editorial staff and a network of more than 250 expert contributors, our stories are targeted at futurists, AI researchers, Data science entrepreneurs, analytics aficionados and technophiles.


Pradeep Kumar

Leemarose Nadar

Aishwarya Verma

Meghna Bhardwaj

Avanish Kumar

Krishna Rastogi

Bhasker Gupta

Anushka Pandit

Swathi Poojari

Raghu P

Subhojit Mandal

Shraddha Goled

Saumya Pathak

Vibhor Mandwal

Sejuti Das

Kashyap Raibagi

Avi Gopani

Richa Lad

Amit Naik

Tribeni Mazumdar

Debolina Biswas

Victor Dey

Ankur Gupta

Karthik Devaraj

Abhirama Krishnamurthy

Dr. Vaibhav Kumar

Rohin D R

Sreejani Bhattacharyya

Meeta Ramnani

Shreya Roy Chowdhury

Lancy Thomas

Manjunath Pujari

Puran Choudhary

Pooja Dodamani

Nidhi Singh

Praja K

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