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AIM is the leading voice of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Industry and how they are disrupting the overall social and technological landscape of India. Since its founding in 2012, AIM has been at the forefront of writing compelling stories on this very niche but flourishing industry. AIM connects with its audience across web, email, mobile, social media and in-person events.

AIM publishes every day, and we believe in quality over quantity, honesty over spin. We offer a wide variety of branding and targeting options to make it easy for you to propagate your brand.

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With 2 Million Monthly Views, AIM reaches an engaged community of Machine Learning Developers & Data Scientists.

Banner Ads





Our banner ads are non rotational, fixed monthly buy. We love old school.

Long Forms



Perfect way to help you showcase your brand around engaging content relevant to our website audience and decision makers that matter to you.





Get your target audience online for a quick presentation and on- line demo of your product or service.





Pivot to video is a reality. Our videos have high-production quality and reached a large community of data science professionals.





Build hiring challenges, crowdsource innovation or evangelise your product to ML enthusiasts.





Our research is eagerly awaited by the industry. Associating with such research gives great branding and Thought leader position.

Hiring Solutions




Employer Branding infront of millions of data scientists. Build a lasting brand that analytics professionals would like to associate with.





Build great networks, have real conversations and share knowledge/ best practices under one roof.





Our conferences are considered the industry best, with reach that encompasses almost all of the industry.

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