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Inside Innovation: A Virtual Tour of Genpact's Bengaluru Campus

The project aimed to showcase the dynamic and innovative environment of Genpact's state-of-the-art Bengaluru campus. The video takes viewers on a thorough tour of the facilities, highlighting the cutting-edge technology and vibrant culture that makes Genpact a leading choice for the country's top talent.

How Generative AI is Revolutionising Data Science Tools

How Generative AI is Revolutionising Data Science Tools

Einblick Prompt enables users to create complete data workflows using natural language, accelerating various stages of data science and analytics. Einblick has effectively combined the capabilities of a Jupyter notebook with the user-friendliness of ChatGPT.

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Pioneering Progress: An Exclusive Look into Data Science & Analytics at Intuit India

Our deep dive into this innovative company reveals their commitment to continuous learning, employee well-being, and diversity & inclusion, laying the groundwork for disruptive technology and transformative innovation. Discover how they cultivate an environment that nurtures exploration and advances the field of Data Science & Analytics.

Transition Cost: Documentary Series

This series delves into the dramatic surge of Artificial Intelligence, particularly in the transportation industry, and its far-reaching impacts on individuals within the sector and humanity at large. Join us as we explore the revolution and its consequences. Proudly in association with Manipal Prolearn.

The Dating Scientist: Web Series

AIM's web series, The Dating Scientist, explores this transition to the new era of data and its effects on job profiles.

The deep Learning Curve: A Tech-Focused Podcast Hosted by Vijayalakshmi Anandan

A podcast exploring the realm of technology, brought to you by Vijayalakshmi Anandan, a Video Presenter and Podcaster at Analytics India Magazine, a tech media hub based in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. This podcast chronicles Vijayalakshmi's journey of exploration and curiosity into the tech world.

The Power of Data: Unveiling eClerx's Transformative Impact on Fortune 500 Companies

"The Power of Data" campaign underscores eClerx's pivotal role in driving transformation for Fortune 500 companies across various sectors. It highlights how eClerx's innovative data solutions have led to substantial business growth, customer experience enhancements, and operational efficiency.

AI-Powered Retail: Enabling CPG Firms to Maximize Trade Promotions - Insights from Tiger Analytics

"AI-Powered Retail" campaign reveals how AI can help CPG companies leverage in-store trade promotions amid intense competition. The campaign delves into the synergy between key trade promotions and modern AI tools, fostering successful trade promotion programs and amplifying retailers' impact on consumer decisions.

Revolutionizing Healthcare & Insurance with Generative AI: An Interactive Session with Fractal's Experts

This campaign explores the transformative potential of generative AI in healthcare and insurance sectors, featuring insights from Fractal's industry experts. It illuminates on ethical considerations, sector collaborations, and promising future directions.

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