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Analytics India Companies Study – 2015

Analytics India Companies Study – 2015

companies studyAnalytics India Companies Study is aimed to provide a deeper insights on the analytics companies’ landscape in India. We, at Analytics India Magazine, focus on providing the most comprehensive and in-depth analysis of various aspect of analytics ecosystem in India; be it the salaries/ jobs trends, analytics professionals, data scientists, leaders, education etc.

Here we present to you a bird eye view of the analytics companies in India.

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The number of analytics organization in India have grown by 4 folds in last 2 years. The reasons are manifold-

  1. Numbers can be deceptive. Most of these companies were already existing and few either incorporated analytics as a line of business or adopted analytics as their primary business
  2. Burgeoning demand for analytics seeing an increase in pure play analytics firms
  3. Growing players in the value chain: training companies, recruitment and consulting firms

But this increase appears disappointing given the growth of analytics firms worldwide. Just 4.5% of analytics firms worldwide are in India or have operations in India. This is in line with our earlier similar study that analytics outsourcing to India is subdued, or even decreasing given the state of analytics worldwide.

A analytics firm in India employs on an average 115 employees. This number is an average of 57 for companies worldwide.

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Around 72% of analytics firms in India have less than 50 employee strength. This is consistent over the past few years.

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29% of all analytics firms in India are based out of Bangalore. This is consistent from last year. Mumbai is distant second at 17% of analytics firms. 27% of analytics firms are based out of NCR. Gurgaon has seen a consistent growth in analytics firms over last few years.

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Delhi has the highest average employee strength for analytics firms at 177 per organization.

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