Artificial Intelligence By Intel Creates A Promo Clip For Chinese Singer’s Song

AI is increasingly finding its way into various aspects of our lives, music and entertainment being one of the. In a recent development, artificial intelligence by US based Intel has created a promo clip for Chinese music star Chris Lee’s latest song.

The recently released promo clip for the singer’s “Rainy Day, But We Are Together” has become the first music video to utilise Intel’s AI.

The video clip producers have made use of artificial intelligence to create amazing special effects on the artist’s face—all by teaching a machine learning system to instantly reconstruct a face in 3D. It could also track its movements in real-time, including facial expressions.  

The machine learning by the company could create special effects such as trickles of water and twinkling stars with quite perfection.

It also allowed the makers of the song to focus completely on capturing scenes that lines up with artistic goals, as they could get away with the need of getting the singer wear tracking markers and getting the camera crew to shoot in a specific way. The scenes they wanted to create was simply left to AI.

With this development Intel is hinting on how AI is going to take a front foot in creating special effects in videos going forward. With this and similar technologies in AI, it is certainly going to help cinematographers and directors achieve a realistic picture to their vision with much more ease.

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