Sanjyot Salgar Patkar
Sanjyot Salgar Patkar
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Sanjyot has over 14 years of experience in Data Analysis and Reporting and now runs a startup specializing in Data Analytics and Gamified Learning. Prior to this startup she has been part of organisations such as TCS and Cognizant. Sanjyot is passionate about helping organisations derive meaningful decisions using data and helps both small and large organisations to tackle such problems. Please feel free to reach out to her at

How Predictive Analytics Is Being Used For Succession Planning In HR

Imagine that you are part of a Talent Management team. A typical day at your job starts with compiling and matching employee data from various systems and rummaging through your mailbox for previous discussions. Somehow, you compile relevant information in…

How An Agri-Startup Transformed Its Supply Chain Using Microsoft Excel And Open Office

Read the story of how an agri-startup proves how Microsoft Excel and open office tools are still relevant in the age of Python and Hadoop.

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