50 Best Firms In India For Data Scientists To Work For

Nominations for 2022 is closed.

Survey Based

We survey hundreds of employers in India to glean their insights on how they have created an exemplary work environment for data scientists.

The survey reviews each company’s benefits and people programs such as health insurance, training and development, compensation and paid time off.

businesses need to evolve and adapt parameters that benefit employees as well as customers in the long run. The more employee-centric a company is, the growth is bound to be more exponential.

This survey has amounted to a trove of data on what it means to be a great data science employer and provide an insight into how others can make an effort to be a great analytics employer. ‘The best data science firms to work for’ is not an identifier of one particular metric or standard.

It is defined by a set of benefits that are unique to a firm and offer advantages over other firms — such as the trust in the employees, appreciating and rewarding the work they do and creating a repo both in and outside of work.

Happy Employees

We have made an effort to recognise and understand in detail what experiences lead to a firm being recognised as a good firm to work for. Some of the parameters that we analysed are learning and growth opportunities for employees, benefits and well being, productivity, diversity and more.

The best place to work for encompasses the whole spectrum of not just revenue growth but employee retention, employee engagement and overall employee growth.

AIM has listed five parameters to compute the ranking of 50 firms — Learning & support, Productivity & Engagement, Benefits & Well-being, Rewarding Excellence and Rewarding Excellence.

Focusing on these components can lead a company to innovate and see financial growth at a much more rapid pace. We have scored each company on these five components after reviewing their employer survey.

Best Firm for data Scientists Certification

“Best firms for data scientists” surveys your data scientists & analytics employees to uncover actionable insights and get recognized for your great company culture.