Cisco expands analytics capabilities with Saggezza’s advanced analytics team acquisition

Srishti Deoras

With an aim to bring unique expertise in analytics, cloud and secure platform development, Cisco completed its acquisition of the Advanced Analytics Team and associated advanced analytics intellectual property developed by Saggezza, a privately-held technology services company, headquartered in USA.

Cisco is expecting a pool of unique expertise in analytics with this acquisition and by adding a team of analytics experts, the company is aiming to augment the analytics capabilities, especially in accelerating the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) development efforts. They also aim to enhance cloud and SaaS analytics offerings.

“The acquisition is a reflection of our strong belief that analytics will play a critical role in the building of next-generation networks designed for an era of cloud, IoT and pervasive security threats”, the company said.

The Advanced Analytics team from Saggezza has earlier developed innovative technology powering Saggezza’s internal analytics platform, which allowed customers to rapidly acquire & analyze data, create complex rules and visualize the data.

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“Cisco believes that analytics will play a critical role in building the next-generation of simplified, dynamic, automated networks”, said Rob Salvagno, Vice President, Corporate Business Development, Cisco in the company blogpost. “The infusion of Saggezza’s talent and technology will help accelerate development efforts related to Cisco’s DNA, our transformational architecture to more effectively automate network operations”, he added.

The Advanced Analytics team joining Cisco would be led by Ravi Chandrasekaran SVP and they are looking forward to develop innovative big data analytics and cloud technologies.

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