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Facebook Donates USD 10 million To Emergency Response Efforts In India

Facebook Donates USD 10 million To Emergency Response Efforts In India

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook took to the social media platform and announced that the company is working with UNICEF and giving USD 10 million to emergency response efforts in India. 

Zuckerberg stated, “I’m thinking of everyone in India and hoping we get this virus under control soon. Facebook is working with UNICEF to help people understand when they should go to the hospital and giving USD 10 million to emergency response efforts. More soon and I hope you stay healthy.” 


According to sources, Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook stated in a separate post that the company is providing support to those on the ground who are working to stop the spread of the virus.

In March this year, the social media platform had announced the launch of a global campaign to help bring 50 million people a step closer to getting Covid-19 vaccines. The company launched a tool that shows you when and where you can get vaccinated and gives you a link to make an appointment. 

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Zuckerberg stated in a Facebook post, “This will be in the Covid Information Center, which we’ll show people right in their News Feed. We’ve already seen people use Facebook to find vaccination appointments, so this should enable millions more people to do the same.”

“We’re working with health authorities and governments to expand their WhatsApp chatbots to help people register for vaccines. More than 3 billion messages related to Covid have already been sent by governments, nonprofits and international organizations to citizens through official WhatsApp chatbots, so this update will help with the vaccination effort as well. The data shows the vaccines are safe and they work. They’re our best hope for getting past this virus and getting back to normal life. I’m looking forward to getting mine, and I hope you are too.” he added.

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