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Fostering an Empowering Culture that Sparks Powerful Intelligence: Insights from Data & AI Experts at KPI Partners

Headquartered in Newark, California, KPI Partners serves Fortune 500 companies and maintains a presence across North America and Asia.
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In recent years, there has been a notable transformation in the realm of employee engagement. Organizations, in their pursuit of fostering improved work environments, have adopted diverse strategies to meet the changing demands of their workforce. Today, many companies, including KPI Partners, are introducing creative solutions such as flexible scheduling, remote work possibilities, and generous vacation policies to promote work-life balance and elevate employee satisfaction.

Founded in 2006 by Sid Goel and Kusal Swarnakar, KPI Partners has emerged as a prominent provider of cloud-native solutions encompassing Generative AI, Analytics, Business intelligence, Data management, and Data engineering. Their team comprises more than 600 experts, delivering cloud-based services designed to prioritize scalability, security, and user-friendliness. Headquartered in Newark, California, KPI Partners serves Fortune 500 companies and maintains a presence across North America and Asia.

In March of this year, KPI Partners achieved its third consecutive ‘Great Place to Work’ certification. An anonymous poll revealed that nearly 91% of employees believe the company is indeed a fantastic workplace. “We believe in setting our new employees up for success from day one with a comprehensive onboarding program,” said Daniel Shaw, who was formerly the Senior Director of HR and Talent Acquisition of the company and currently serves as the Senior Director of Client Services for APAC & Middle East at KPI Partners. “Mentorship opportunities, team-building activities, and continuous training are integral components that equip every team member with the necessary tools to excel.”

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What makes KPI a great workplace? 

In addition to its focus on the work-life balance of its employees, the company, as stated by Shaw, places a strong emphasis on transparent communication and empathy. This includes offering employees clear guidance, consistent feedback, and unwavering support. They are actively encouraged to take ownership of their roles, fostering a sense of accountability for excellence. Collaboration and striving for excellence are also fundamental values within the company.

“KPI Partners recognizes the significance of upskilling and fostering professional growth. This is why we provide ongoing learning programs and training sessions for our team members. We actively promote and support their pursuit of professional development opportunities, including attending conferences and enrolling in courses, to enrich their skills and knowledge. Our organization offers diverse career advancement paths, allowing our employees to thrive and progress within our company.”

KPI Partners also rewards proactive behaviours, acknowledges outstanding performance, and values innovative ideas. Through regular feedback and performance evaluations, the company helps employees identify their strengths and areas for improvement. “Our engaging work environment is enhanced by social events, team-building activities, and celebrations.”

Moreover, Shaw reveals that KPI emphasises employee well-being through comprehensive wellness programmes encompassing insurance coverage, regular health check-ups, fitness classes, and mindfulness workshops. “Our commitment to a healthy work-life balance encourages breaks, fostering a culture of productivity and creativity. Engaging in social responsibility initiatives enables employees to contribute positively to society,” said Shaw.

KPI culture

Establishing a culture that fosters employee engagement is paramount to the success of any organization. “At KPI Partners, we place a strong emphasis on open communication and a supportive atmosphere where every employee feels valued and heard. We actively collect insights and gain an understanding of employee perceptions by conducting regular team meetings, providing feedback opportunities, administering surveys, and conducting one-on-one check-ins. This ongoing process allows us to continually enhance our company culture.”

Moreover, KPI Partners is committed to promoting employee career growth, offering abundant opportunities for professional development, including training programs and clearly defined career paths. “We place great importance on recognizing and rewarding hard work, actively involving our employees in the company’s success. Additionally, we have instituted various programs to support our employees throughout their journey with our organization. For instance, we initiate an onboarding period called “Parichay” from the moment they join, allowing new hires to acclimate to our organization. After three months, they take part in “Anubhav,” a survey enabling them to share their experiences and provide valuable input that helps us refine our processes. We further have “Bird’s Eye View” sessions where our centre head engages with the team to help align them with our work environment.”

To encourage feedback and suggestions, we have implemented suggestion boxes and maintained regular meetings with managers. We highly value employee feedback, and it has led to the implementation of various initiatives, including providing an internet allowance for remote work, introducing the buddy program, and offering access to specialized doctors in India through “Medi Buddy.”

Providing an inclusive workspace

KPI Partners places a strong emphasis on building a sense of unity and shared purpose among its employees. To achieve this, the company organizes a variety of team-building activities aimed at promoting collaboration and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

“These activities range from group outings to team-building exercises that promote trust and communication. We value the input of every employee and promote an open-door policy where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and concerns with their superiors. This, in turn, enhances inclusivity and fosters a collaborative culture.”

Besides, inclusivity in hiring and promotion practices remains a key focus area. KPI Partners provide equal opportunities for all employees to grow and advance in their careers, regardless of their background or identity. This commitment to inclusivity not only creates a more diverse workforce but also fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance among employees, according to Shaw.

Ensuring strong women’s representation

In the contemporary corporate landscape, progressive companies prioritize measures to ensure robust women’s representation in their workforce. Underlining the significance of advancing women’s leadership and presence in the workplace, Daniel Shaw emphasizes that KPI Partners is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse environment where women can not only thrive but also excel in their careers.

“To achieve this, we have implemented several strategies. We actively support talented women within our organisation through mentorship programmes and leadership development initiatives. By investing in their professional growth, KPI empowers women to assume leadership positions and make substantial contributions to the company’s success. Our transparent work culture encourages open communication and equal participation in decision-making processes.”

Recognizing the challenges that women may encounter in balancing their professional and personal responsibilities, KPI has introduced various initiatives. This includes providing flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options, and accommodating maternity and sabbatical leave policies. “The safety and well-being of employees are highly valued, leading to the implementation of redressal systems like PoSH. We have also introduced flexible work timings to ensure that client calls after 7 p.m. are handled by other team members. This not only aids in retaining talented women but also enhances their overall well-being and job satisfaction.”

Additionally, KPI also promotes gender diversity in our recruitment and hiring processes, ensuring that the job postings are inclusive and encouraging women to apply. Consequently, KPI has witnessed a positive impact on its hiring procedures, with over 50% of women included in recent cohorts of entry-level recruits. “This year, we have seen a steep increase of 15% in the hiring percentage. Additionally, we have implemented unconscious bias training for our hiring managers to ensure fair and unbiased selection processes.”

Creating an environment of trust, transparency & innovation

Commenting on what makes KPI Partners a Great Place to Work,  Daniel Shaw highlights the company’s commitment to values that underpin its long-term success and create a positive work environment. These values are defined as ‘Innovation, Integrate, Influence, and Trust.’ Key to the organization is transparency, as it seeks to provide clear and honest information to its customers. “This approach not only builds trust but also fuels innovation, as KPI openly shares ideas and feedback. The company’s ethos revolves around making the customer experience enjoyable and memorable, infusing fun into interactions, and leaving lasting, positive impressions.” 

To support these principles, KPI has introduced several initiatives. Firstly, the company established a dedicated learning and development division known as “Gurukul”. Managed by the human resource and delivery department, Gurukul ensures that employees possess the right skills for their roles. “We identify those who need to reskill or upskill and create personalised learning paths in consultation with their managers. This ensures that our team is always equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise.”

“We believe in building connections and fostering collaboration. That’s why we hold a monthly session called ‘Let’s have a conversation’. This brings together new joiners, existing team members, and managers to create a strong sense of community and support. Furthermore, KPI also conducts early sessions between employees and the managers, offering a comprehensive overview of the work environment.

To further facilitate growth and development, KPI managers meet with the Center Head every month to discuss the learning curve of their team members, ensuring they remain on the right track. We also follow a top-down and bottom-up approach to communication, keeping everyone on the same page. Succession planning is a priority for us, as we identify key roles and positions to ensure business contingency plans. 

Furthermore, our Centers of Excellence is a hub for internal career development, fostering mobility and growth within the organization. To boost employee morale and confidence, we organise roadshows, webinars, and demos, creating a well-rounded and supportive environment,” Shaw concluded. 

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