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HCL Shifts Workload From India To Battle COVID-19

HCL Shifts Workload From India To Battle COVID-19

HCL Technologies has announced that the company is shifting some of its workloads from India in order to combat the current situation of COVID-19 in India. Engaging closely with clients to prioritise work, the IT major shifts some workloads from India to other geographies in order to sustain the business continuity.

Vijayakumar said, “We have a global organisation. We already have almost 30 per cent of our workforces present outside India. Some geographies have stabilised and their vaccination levels are very high, so they are taking a little more load. Everybody’s very understanding of the situation, clients and our employees in other geographies.”

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“Clients are very understanding and supportive. And we are working with them to see how, if there is a shortfall of people in certain operations, what can we do to offset that, how can we prioritise some work over the other…very active conversations happen on a continuous basis,” he added.

According to sources, C Vijayakumar, President of HCL Technologies stated that the company is working with clients to prioritise important work. At present, the IT major is working on various additional capabilities, such as 5G, Industry 4.0, AR/VR, among others. The company intends to hire about 20,000 freshers in FY22 and is expecting to register double-digit growth in FY22 revenues. 

Vijayakumar stated, “The markets that we are currently very strong and prominently present in are the US, UK and Nordics. These markets are very strong and we have a large presence there. We also have a presence in France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Australia…we want to scale our presence in these markets in line with the IT spend in these markets.”

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The company is working with a hospital to set up a facility at two of its campuses to ensure employees get access to healthcare services. The tech giant is hopeful of the situation starting to moderate over the next couple of weeks.

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