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How Speech Become The New UI For Enterprises

How Speech Become The New UI For Enterprises

The speech recognition tool has advanced extensively over the last five years. Even though the technology is not new, these developments have opened a plethora of opportunities for the business world.


The Evolution

Personal assistants are now being replaced by AI-powered digital assistants. Over the few years, Voice-User Interface (VUI) is playing a crucial role in enabling the users to interact with the technology with the help of voices.

In the current scenario, there is a significant impact of speech technology on businesses as well as personal use right from the speech-to-text, voice verification, consumer data entry, etc. Voice-activated assistants have made quite an impact performing in homes, cars, smartwatches, smartphones, etc.

Alexa For Business

A service called Alexa for Business enables organisations and employees an intelligent assistant that helps them to be more productive in meeting rooms, at their desks, etc. It helps in cases like in meeting rooms, for employees. Alexa for Business helps the employees by simplifying meeting rooms and also works with the existing conference room equipment. With this service, you can also invite your employees to be a part of your Alexa for Business organisation which helps in improving employee productivity by providing them with a more intuitive way to access corporate applications and services.

Google Assistant For Business

The voice assistant by Google helps your customers to find what they seek and get things done. It makes sure that your business services are at the front when people are searching for your brand. It connects you directly with your users through voice and also helps you to grow your metrics in business.

Microsoft Cortana For Business

Last year, Cortana Skills kit for Enterprise was presented at the Microsoft conference. As proof of concept, the developers at Microsoft used the enterprise platform to cate an IT help desk skill that enables Cortana to file tickets for employees who are having computer issues and connect them to someone who can help with such issues.

Use Cases Of Speech

Retail Sector

In the profoundly competitive retail industry, the need for customer satisfaction is at the edge. The Speech comes into the role when the company faces high competition and faster demanding customer with easy assistance. One such instance is the Amazon’s online voice shopping experience. With Alexa, a customer does not even have to use the fingers to reorder an item from the same brand.

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Finance Sector

Banking and financial sector are increasingly using speech analytics technology like voice recognition. For instance, the Capital One Alexa skill allows the user to check account balances, pay bills, account transfers, etc. The technology helps the customer to do things more than just initial engagements. If a customer has a query that is difficult to resolve by any agent, the technology triggers the system to investigate the FAQ. In 2017, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) announced that the customers can make bill payments using Apple Siri. In the same year, the US bank announced that the customers can make payments to a US Bank credit card, check account balance with just a command to Amazon Alexa device.

In Public Transportation

Mobility providers like Uber, Ola are offering integration layers with the voice-assistants. For instance, a user can book a ride by simply asking.

In HR And Marketing

Speech technology is helping out HR professionals by scouring the databases of documents, transactions, etc. They can simply just ask the voice assistants to clean previous applicant’s databases and other pools with just a few words. Similarly, voice assistants are helping market professionals by creating reports, handling social media posts, etc.

Business VoIP

The Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system is a convenient and cost-saving method of converging telephone and Internet systems onto one network. It allows access to the kind of advanced phone service features that until a few years ago only large corporations could have afforded with a traditional telephone system.

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