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Infosys Opens COVID-19 Care Centre For Employees & Family Members

Infosys Opens COVID-19 Care Centre For Employees & Family Members

Recently, Infosys announced that the company has set up COVID-19 care centres for its employees as well as their families. Currently, the centres are located in Pune and Bengaluru and are in process of setting up similar facilities across its major offices in India.

According to reports, currently, India is registering a record number of COVID-19 cases daily that has put extreme pressure on the healthcare infrastructure of the country. In an email statement, the IT services company stated, “In order to support employees and their family members who have contracted COVID-19 and need special medical care beyond home quarantine, Infosys has set up Employee COVID Care Centres in Pune and Bengaluru.”

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The statement also mentioned that these centres would be managed by Ruby Hall hospital for Pune, and Manipal Hospitals for Bengaluru. The company is also in the process of setting up similar care centres across its major offices in India. At present, the IT giant is continuing to operate in a remote model across the offices and see no impact on the client deliverables due to the health situation.

Sudha Murty, chairperson of the Infosys Foundation stated in an official blog post, “These are unprecedented times that require every section of society to rise up to the challenge.” 

The blog post also mentioned that at present, the company’s new responsibilities include helping educate schoolchildren, expanding hospital capacity, and assisting governments with informing the public and tracking the disease’s spread.

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Jeff Mosier, Senior Producer, Infosys Knowledge Institute said, “The need to react and the desire to help has inspired Infosys, along with most large organisations, to contribute money, skills, and resourcefulness to the fight against the coronavirus. These efforts go beyond helping 240,000 of our own employees stay safe through sanitizing workplaces, installing thermal scanners, and enabling most of them to deliver client work from home.”

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