Meet this startup, working extensively to make Data and AI central to Indian healthcare industry


Healthcare industry, often constrained with accessibility and affordability, make quality care a big challenge. But not any longer! QorQl, a startup based out of NCR is building products and solutions that aims at improving the care quality and patient experience—all by using artificial intelligence, big data and analytics.

“Though the application of AI in healthcare is in early stages, there are some really good startups which are focused on building algorithms to solve vertical problems around it”, says Sanjay Singh, Co-founder, QorQl, which is inspired by Coracle.


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But it is an easy way? “There are challenges when it comes to getting data”, says Singh. Either it is not there at all or the access is limited. QorQl is aiming to overcome this challenge by building systems and algorithms that can help digitize healthcare. Co-founded by Sanjay Singh and Shalni Singh, QorQl has introduced AI and big data into healthcare and it is by this fusion of wearable, clinical and genome data, through which it is aiming to revolutionize the understanding and treatment of diseases.

Why QorQl?

It was after the founder, Sanjay Singh lost his mother to Systemic Sclerosis, a disease which manifests itself over several years making it hard to detect unless the entire medical history is analyzed, that triggered him to bring patient data at the central point of any healthcare process. He realized the core need of a patient—which is to have all the historical data. It was an amalgamation of his love for big data, AI and the realization of its huge potential in healthcare that led him to found QorQl.

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“We are building products and technology which will mesomorph healthcare through the use of technology and business model innovation. We believe that current business models of healthcare are severely broken and there is a need to have an accessible, affordable healthcare in India which is not possible with current business models. We are working towards offering affordable & accessible healthcare by using the power of Health Data and Technology”, says Singh.

Connected health platform by QorQl-

A system designed for a seamless capturing of data during the entire illness cycle of the patient, QorQl’s platform connects doctors and their staff with patients providing relevant healthcare data to all. Singh believes that this system will eventually help doctors and patients by giving them a longitudinal view of patient’s health data for better care quality.

The platform, built using the new cutting edge technologies for mobile platforms utilizes computer vision technologies, neural networks, Java Backend built around NoSQL DataStores and other related technologies for analytics.

AI, analytics and big data at QorQl-

“We strongly believe that the requirement for any AI & ML system is data and advancements in AI, ML, Computer Vision and Big Data will revolutionize the way Healthcare is delivered”, says Singh, further adding that without data any AI system is like a gun without bullets. “At this stage of our journey, we are very focused on ensuring that a lot of data gets captured and we are building a plumbing through which the HealthData flows”, he shares.

Singh explains that there are other companies that are focusing mainly on developing algorithms around vertical problems such as diagnostics, cancer care, which will essentially need access to a lot of data for artificial intelligence to be trained and to be useful. QorQl, on the other hand is more focused horizontally, emphasizing on data capture initially and would build specific algorithms that can solve vertical problems, eventually.  “The key elements of any AI driven systems are algorithms and data. We believe that data is a bigger God than algorithms as one can always build/acquire/buy algorithms but getting access to data is much more challenging and we are appropriately focused on this”, says Singh.

They are also planning to integrate wearable data with clinical data for a more accurate analysis. Another interesting development by the startup is a technology that can recognize doctor’s handwriting using computer vision and neural networks, which they plan to explore in the future for solving specific healthcare problems.


“We are very delighted to have received investments from Paytm, which is very visionary and has tremendous experience in spotting trends early on. We are blessed and excited to be part of PaytmMafia as it endorses our long term vision about Infinite possibilities of Indian Healthcare ecosystem, which is getting ripe for disruption”, says Singh, who plans to use most of the funds to expand their operations to other cities and focus on building newer products and adding key features to the target markets.

Last word-

“Most companies which are early on and betting on something very disruptive are considered too risky and shunned by investors. Google, AirBnB, Uber, facebook all had very tough time during their initial stages and we are no different. We are attempting a very tough moonshot in an Industry which is very difficult to disrupt”, shares Singh, who takes pride in the fact that they have built the product with a very young team of around 30 members.

He strongly believes that there is a vast undercut and in the next few years, healthcare will be very different than how it is perceived today and QorQl is well placed to ride that wave.

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