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Meet ‘ThirdEye’, An AI-Based Vision Analytics Platform By Mobiliya

Meet ‘ThirdEye’, An AI-Based Vision Analytics Platform By Mobiliya

Bharat Adibhatla

Artificial intelligence has done wonders across various domains, including visual analytics. In a recent development, Mobiliya, a QuEST Global Company, announced the launch of a novel AI-based blueprint solution, ThirdEye, which is a powerful vision-analytics platform technology powered by NVIDIA and Microsoft. The technology aspires to boost operational intelligence and intensify the decision-making process.

What Is ThirdEye

ThirdEye is a robust vision-analytics platform which aims to improve operational intelligence and enhance the decision-making process. Some of its attributes are:

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  • The ThirdEye technology is based on a distributed camera mechanism which is capable of capturing an image that will be analysed by an AI agent to extract eligible insights. The technology is conferred through a cooperative admin dashboard.
  • It uses progressive intelligent video analytics which empowers this solution to achieve definite patterns and actionable understandings from the video feed. The solution can logically complement and boost the current infrastructure of CCTV and IP cameras.
  • The platform uses fundamental NVIDIA jetson edge computing and Microsoft’s Azure IoT hub, Azure machine learning services and Power BI.
  • NVIDIA GPUs guides the processed images and videos from the data source for creating dashboards, showcasing actionable business intelligence insights.
  • The prototype is equipped with self-learning and enriching efficiency, the platform helps manufacturers identify and record errors with great accuracy.

Industries That Can Benefit Through ThirdEye

Businesses from manufacturing to retail can be benefited through ThirdEye. With the current “brownfield” or with new CCTV and IP cameras, it can analyse visual data, gain new insights and take real-time action to ensure that infrastructure and facilities are secured and working properly. Some of the probable use cases are:

  • ThirdEye can contribute manufacturers with an entire view of all of the manufactured products’ specifications and its packaging with the help of AI-driven authorisation.
  • ThirdEye technology can empower cross-industry applications like smart parking, smart lobbies, retail heat maps, smart meeting rooms, and intelligent customer counters.
  • The technology can be extended to empower security personnel, and other exercises across industries like retail, healthcare, real estate, transportation, smart cities, education, banking, and law enforcement.
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