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Nestlé India Introduces NINA, A Virtual Nutrition Assistant In Association With Senseforth

Nestlé India Introduces NINA, A Virtual Nutrition Assistant In Association With Senseforth

In today’s era where conversational AI is reaching newer heights, Nestle India has recently joined the bandwagon of conversational AI, with its new chatbot NINA. 

NINA, which is short for Nestlé India Nutrition Assistant, is an AI-powered nutrition assistant built in collaboration with Senseforth, a Bengaluru based AI-powered chatbot service provider. 

NINA will be supported on one of India’s first Corporate Service Brand, AskNestlé which is a one-stop solution for complete child nutrition. It will assist young parents to create healthy meal plans, smart recipes and food hacks for their children up to from 2 to 12 years of age.

AskNestlé’s NINA is designed to interact with users in a human-like manner and will offer real-time, personalized advice on nutrition that is balanced, scientifically correct and customized to their unique needs. 

It is integrated with Google voice assistant and helps mothers in feeding even fussy eaters a balanced diet. It is capable of suggesting creative ways of providing nutritious food and recipes while giving tips and hacks to make meals appetizing for kids.

NINA is also capable of recommending meal plans based on allergy, food type and even regional preferences.

“Voice interactions online are increasing at a rapid pace in India. Parents are constantly searching for the right and personalized nutrition information for their children. We combined both these trends to create NINA. With NINA, we embrace new-age technology and to make simple and relevant nutrition information accessible to all. This is truly an example of a corporate brand walking the talk in a way that is relevant to today’s millennial parents,” said Rashi Goel, Director Consumer Communications, Nestlé India. 

Shridhar Marri, CEO, Senseforth, said, “NINA can help rekindle healthy eating habits by nourishing a young generation with a refreshingly new interface. NINA goes beyond business and inspires people in creating a healthy new generation.”

NINA is powered by Senseforth’s Conversational AI platform A.ware, which is a versatile and comprehensive platform that helps in building AI-powered bots that can act as nutrition assistants, travel agents or even financial advisors.

Senseforth was founded by Sridhar Marri, 2012. It has till now worked with over 25 brands and has implemented over 60 enterprise bots since its inception.

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