Now, Companies Want To Go Digital As Early As Yesterday: Sudeep Srivastava, Appinventiv


Digitalisation was already at the heart of most companies’ modus operandi. But COVID-19 breakout has moved the goal post to such an extent that digital adoption has become the raison d’etre for every forward-looking company. You either go digital or risk being a dinosaur. The choice couldn’t be clearer.

Noida-based Appinventiv, a full-cycle software development company, caters to the digital needs of some of the big names around the world. We caught up with Sudeep Srivastava, Director and Co-founder, Appinventiv, to understand a rising startup’s inner workings and plans. 


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AIM: Tell us about the core services of Appinventiv. How do you leverage technologies such as AI and Analytics in your offerings?

Sudeep: We are a full-cycle app development company. We aim to be the next disruptive mobile app technology company that binds tightly with next-generation technology such as AI/ML, Blockchain, IOT, AR etc.

We offer end-to-end digital transformation service ranging from ideation to design sprint and development to multi-platform deployment. We also provide sub-services in legacy modernisation, MVP creation, QA testing, technologies integration, etc. 

In terms of technology, we work on general technologies of mobile applications such as Android and iOS and combine it with a range of new-age technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, blockchain, among others. 

We understand AI and ML are unleashing the next wave of digital disruption. We use them in different perspectives, such as for enhancing the functionality of apps, for example, video editing and facial recognition apps; understanding user behaviour; using analytics to ensure the user iteration is good.

Appinventiv is driven with a mission to transform the technological landscape and become a go-to technology solution provider for the world. We offer the broadest and deepest range data services to enable AI, ML. Till now, we have helped 76% of our partners to raise multi-million dollars fundings. 

Sudeep: We work on different types of blockchain models where we create our blockchain-service from scratch. We take stock of the business model and service a company is providing and adapt accordingly.

One of the most interesting and relevant blockchain-based projects we are working on is developing an app to track chain and ultimately the source of misinformation. Fake news is a menace, and with this app, we aim to bring an effective change in this regard.

AIM: What solutions do you offer on the security front?

Sudeep: We are working with some major brands to help with their digital transformation journey. Security is one of the top items on the minds of clientele when it comes to complete digitalisation. We understand that and take full cognisance of the same by providing end-to-end security solutions. Our security solutions work on different levels–front end, middle layer, and the backend. The solutions include:

  • Security solutions and other encryption for the data stored by mobile applications.
  • Maintain secure communication with servers
  • Secure databases from cyber-attacks and hacks.

In addition to this, we also conduct third-party audits.

AIM: What are the major research and innovation projects the company is currently working on?

Sudeep: We have set up an innovation lab in-house to study new-gen technologies like gesture mechanism, neural network, IoT, decentralization, etc. Our research and development team runs hypotheses upon different use cases across sectors. The effort has helped us create some of the most immersive products using new-generation technologies.

AIM: How did pandemic change the attitude of companies towards digitalisation?

Sudeep: Earlier, companies were going completely digital, but few were reluctant to take the plunge. However, the pandemic and the whole work-from-home situation have made companies adopt digital technologies quickly. They now want to be digital as early as yesterday. We also see greater adoption of cloud technology with the companies working remotely. 

Companies have also become more serious about their digital presence. They are optimising it as well. For example, it was just about creating a mobile application before. Now they are looking for more investment in this direction and looking at the digital mode as a more serious business avenue. 

AIM: What are your predictions for the future of software development, with growing noise about CI/CD pipelines and low/no-code development platforms?

Sudeep: I believe CI/CD is the next big thing in software development as it automates the whole process. As we move towards automation in different sectors, software development can not be left behind. When we automate processes, the chances of errors are low. Further, the speed of delivery also increases, leading to faster deployment of processes. 

Also, with CI/CD it is easier to isolate any issue within the application. Many companies have realised the benefits of CI/CD and are adopting it quickly, and it will only get better in the future. It will be involved in most of the projects, if not all. 

On the other hand, I am still sceptical about low and no-code platforms. It’s still early days and only good for automating simpler tasks. For these platforms to take off, it would still require a lot of time, and I don’t think we are anywhere near that. For now, we have to still rely on human developers for not just development but also related optimisation tasks.

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