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Now Google lets you “speak” about the stat you want

Now Google lets you “speak” about the stat you want

google analytics-01Are you getting jaded of clicking around Google analytics to see an update on what your website is up to? Well, there is a good news to laze around a little more as machine learning sets for a new high by having the information displayed for you without you working really hard. The all new Google analytics 360 suite would now allow you to talk to Google and get what you want instead of clicking around inside of Google analytics.

Though the idea is not new, it is first of the kinds by Google where it lets you speak in natural language and get the analytics report as accurately as before.


In what was demoed by the head of measurement and analytics for Google, Babak Pahlvan, in the Google Performance Summit, he ‘spoke’ to Google and it in turn replied by showing the results.

In one example, he asked by speaking, “How many users did we get from organic search in April?” and received an apt response. He also asked questions like “What were my best selling products for April?” and again, got a quick answer.

The all new Google’s Analytics 360 suite aims to bring together a collection of tools intended to give sophisticated, enterprise level marketers the rich data needed to drive insight in a multi-screen, multi-platform world.

The suite, designed for enterprise-level companies, consists of six products that can be used together or on their own and also integrate with AdWords and DoubleClick. The key focus while developing all of it has been machine learning and aims at enabling the company to bring out new and improved consumer-oriented products.

With the new Google Analytics 360 Suite, machine learning comes to centre stage and the company has invested heavily on it. With machine learning, whether it’s a big data, customer analytics or visual analytics, it would all work together.

As the product garners interest from all across the industry, it might take a while for its users to be able to access it. Available only on the premium version of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360 suite, might take another year to be at its customer reach.  

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