Connect with the AI Community virtually

Through AIM Virtual Events, we work with our clients to curate virtual narratives in various formats. AIM has created online events ranging from conferences to webinars and online roundtables.

Curate your Virtual AI Event with AIM

With years of successfully execute some of the largest analytics & AI conferences & our unparalleled reach among the AI Ecosystem, AIM is a natural choice for organizations when they look for an external partner to curate and execute their AI events.

We have 3 offerings for our clients to execute unparalleled virtual events:

1.  Virtual conferences with the day(s) long agenda and large format content. Our branded virtual conferences include leaders-focused conferences like plugin and developers summit like Computer Vision DevCon & Deep Learning DevCon.

2. A webinar is a convenient way to get your target audience online for a quick presentation and online demo of your product or service. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements —the ability to give, receive and discuss information in real- time between you and the attendees.

3. Virtual CxO Roundtable: In a pursuit to increase networking opportunities among technology CXOs and Technology decision-makers in India, AIM would feature CxOs and Analytics Heads across organisations and cover specific challenges and opportunities in emerging tech. Expect 10-12 decision-makers discuss trending topics with concrete output in form of a whitepaper.

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With years of successfully execute some of the largest analytics & AI conferences in India, we bring the same expertise and audience connect to your events.

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