Top AI startups in India

Nominations for 2023 are now open

Penetration and Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant

an industry benchmark of AI capabilities

Analytics India Magazine comes with a list of the exceptional startups leading the AI race every year. This report aims to analyse the market penetration and technical capabilities of the AI startup to gauge the impact it has made and the potential it holds in the market.

Information Gathering

The study is a result of extensive primary and secondary research carried out across the market. The primary research details are collected by circulating a survey form across startups that use AI at the core of their solution.

The AI startups surveyed are asked questions on different parameters that can measure a company’s market penetration and technical maturity.

Evaluation & Scoring

Each of the parameters surveyed represents factors that can capture its technical abilities or market potential with an aim to analyse the breakthroughs it has made and the capacity it has to scale sustainably.

The metrics used for this evaluation are relative and depend on what the best-in-class looks like for each criterion. Scores are normalised to take an average of the parameters.


This will be presented as a list of top AI startups in a PeMa Quadrant.

Each company will be featured with details on where it performed well in the survey, how it is placed in the market, what product or solutions it offers, and why it has the potential to make it big.

AIM's Penetration-Maturity Quadrant

Gain the recognition and visibility your AI start-up deserves!

The top startups from the list will be recognised by the AIM with a certificate and will get promoted via AIM’s multiple platforms, including its website and social media platforms.

Survey Based

We survey hundreds of startups in India that use AI at the core of their solutions.



The Penetration index in the Quadrant evaluates the headway a vendor has made in the market compared to its competitors. This can help enterprises get a broader view of the vendor’s customers and its growth within the industry.



The Maturity index identifies a vendor’s progress in terms of the work it delivers. This can help customers decide which firms are positioned to help enterprises in the long haul.


The Quadrant

The PeMa Quadrant can be used as a first step to understanding the key capabilities of leading industry players that provide analytics or related services in and from India.

Nominations open for top AI startups in India – 2023

Ensure only authorized personnel share the nominations on behalf of a firm.

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