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Top 5 Blogs On Deep Learning That Will Enlighten Everyone — From CXOs To AI Enthusiasts

Top 5 Blogs On Deep Learning That Will Enlighten Everyone — From CXOs To AI Enthusiasts


Deep Learning, a new area of Machine Learning Research, is often clubbed together with it. But with advanced research happening in the areas of Deep Learning specifically, it is important for all AI enthusiasts to understand and keep up with the objective of moving Machine Learning closer to one of its original goals: Artificial Intelligence.

Here are the top five blogs Analytics India Magazine has selected for you that will keep the CXOs as well as Data enthusiasts abreast of all the new development in this area:

Register for this Session>> This technology website has a swanky blog section dedicated exclusively to Deep Learning. The section is updated regularly and connects various dots for the uninitiated, as well as publishes insightful news for the voracious readers. Its latest post about the Deep Learning algorithm-cum-new horror novelist Shelly is hilariously insightful. Developed by researchers from MIT, Shelley AI takes inspiration from original works and human Twitter contributions to spin the scariest words in short horror prose.

Open AI: OpenAI is a non-profit artificial intelligence research company that aims to promote and develop safe and friendly AI. Big names such as Sam Altman, Elon Musk and other notable investors came along to fund this nonprofit organisation. OpenAI blog is religiously followed all over the world by Deep Learning and AI enthusiasts. It regularly posts about its research on advanced AI-powered technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Image Processing and Speech Processing.

Adit Deshpande’s Blog: Adit Deshpande is a Computer Science undergrad from UCLA. The prime focus of his writings is Machine Learning and Deep Learning. His posts are centered on beginners to start learning about neural networks. Deshpande says, “In my mind, machine learning and computer science really have the power to make the gradual shift to preventative instead of reactionary healthcare.”

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BAIR Blog: BAIR Blog generally publish a post per week about various research going in the field of Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at BAIR. It is set up by Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) group from the University of California, Berkeley. It aims to communicate research findings, perspective and updates on the AI research done at the BAIR group. BAIR blogs’ editing team consists of students, post-docs and faculty from BAIR group. For example, their latest blog post talks about Imitation Learning (IL), also known as Learning from Demonstration (LfD), where a robot learns a control policy from analysing demonstrations of the policy performed by an algorithmic or human supervisor. “For example, to teach a robot to make a bed, a human would teleoperated a robot to perform the task to provide examples. The robot then learns a control policy, mapping from images/states to actions which we hope will generalise to states that were not encountered during training,” states the blog.

inFERENCe: This is a blog by Dr Ferenc Huszár a PhD from Cambridge, who with Twitter Cortex. He writes about probabilistic inference, generative models, unsupervised learning and applying deep learning to these problems. He also provides posts on niche aforementioned topics, such as Instance Noise and Gradient Regularisation, among many, many others.

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