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Top AI-Based Netflix Shows To Watch While Fighting COVID-19 At Home

Top AI-Based Netflix Shows To Watch While Fighting COVID-19 At Home

Sameer Balaganur
Netflix AI shows for workfrom home

As the world deals with quarantine and socially distancing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, whether working from home or just sitting around, one definitely gets bored. As people fight the COVID-19 sitting at home, after work, everyone needs to loosen up a bit and for a tech enthusiast what’s better than watching those exciting Netflix shows that try to explore deep into the technology with stunning storylines and visual effects?

Below, we have compiled some critically acclaimed and famous Netflix shows that you can watch while you are at home and wait for the pandemic to pass: 

Love, Death And Robots

The Netflix series has an excellent premise; it takes sci-fi stories and adapts them into an anthology of animated short stories. The show focuses on thoughtful science fiction by top authors like Peter F. Hamilton and Alastair Reynolds. Love, Death and Robots have outstanding visual effects, although it does contain sex and violence, the depiction of AI and other sci-fi explorations through the stories will still want you to watch the next episode.

I Am Mother

A teenage girl is raised by a robot that was created for the purpose of repopulating the earth in the event of human extinction. This series dramatises the concept of artificial intelligence, and its plot ponders around how artificial intelligence might interpret goodness in a world where humans are driving themselves towards extinction. More secrets are revealed, and many ethical problems are faced by the characters in the series, all of which are on the generic side of any story that is related to artificial intelligence.

Black Orphan

The sci-fi is filled with secret plots and counterplots with twists. Orphan Black depicts the story of Tatiana Maslany’s characters, who are clones. The actress has slipped into as many as 11 characters throughout the series, all of which are clones of each other with different personalities. These clones are in fact robots; this is not a spoiler but just an observation on how the show depicts the AI applications and raises certain questions about the technology. 

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is an American cyberpunk web series inspired by a book of the same title. The events of the series take place 360 years into the future where new technology has transformed the world, leading to human bodies being just a shell (changeable bodies) and death no longer being permanent. The series has showcased implications of several new technologies along with AI. The first season was aired in February 2018, focused more on violence against women, the second season takes a turn and finds ways to address similar cases of trauma and power imbalance. However, this year, it will be done by showcasing some AI capabilities to deal with the problems.

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Omniscient is a Portuguese-based English dubbed TV series, which showcases a city where citizens are monitored by drones all the time. The series takes the issues of data and privacy to a new level where the corporation is wholly involved in every citizen’s life. The plot revolves around a young tech trainee who sets out to fight the system to get information that she is seeking. The series is a fast-paced story and will hold a grip on you as you witness the implications of privacy breach of ordinary citizens.

Black Mirror

While not all the episode from this series have AI depiction, the success of ‘Bandersnatch’ alone speaks volumes on how great of a series Black Mirror is. It is a perfect mix of sci-fi tech for any tech junkie. It asks questions about humans co-existence with technology and AI. Black Mirror is part satirical and depicts some grim prophecies. Recommended AI-related episodes: Be Right Back.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

This is the fifth season of Black Mirror, which is made of one episode. Bandersnatch represents the mainstream offering of interactive storytelling. Bandersnatch allows viewers to make decisions at various junctures; these choices will determine the storyline with which the episode proceeds. Instead of explaining how the show works, as you work at home, this would be a good thing to explore by yourself.

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