10 Popular Cybersecurity Presentations On Slideshare You Should Refer To

Securing networks and protecting data from breaching has become one of the crucial motives in an organisation. Cybercrime has eventually risen with the widespread use of emerging technologies and we have been witnessing data breaches and other hacks for a few years now. In this article, we list down 10 popular presentations on cybersecurity one must read on Slideshare.

(The list is in alphabetical order)

1| Artificial Intelligence And Cybersecurity

This presentation was published in March 2019 by Olivier Busolini, a cybersecurity professional who also works with AI in cybersecurity. This presentation includes a basic introduction to AI, an overview of AI technologies, an overview of machine learning underlying technologies, basics of deep learning, introduction to red and blue AI, emerging usages of blue AI, difficulties faced during developing AI solutions and tips for cybersecurity strategy.

2| Cyber Crime And Security

This powerpoint presentation was published by Lipsita Behera, a software developer and it has gathered more than 350,000 views till now. In this PPT, you can understand the basics of cybersecurity such as how cybersecurity emerged, know about cyber threat evolution, types of cybercrime, how to take preventive measures in order to control the threats, learn various security reasons as well as methods.

3| Cybersecurity 

This presentation has got more than one lakh viewers and more than 700 clipping. Here, the author introduces the basics of cybersecurity and what is the actual need of cybersecurity, what are the major security problems, different viruses and worms and its solutions, brief introduction of hackers and measures to prevent hacking, what are malware and steps to stop malware, what are trojan horses and safety measures to avoid trojans, password cracking and securing password, cybersecurity strategy in India and much more.

4| Combating cybersecurity Using Artificial Intelligence

Combating Cybersecurity using Artificial Intelligence was published in January this year by Inderjeet Singh, Director – Strategic Accounts. This presentation discusses the threats with AI and machine learning. Here, you can learn about the advanced behavioural attacks, applications of emerging technologies in cybersecurity, various malicious activities,  including the future of AI and machine learning in cybersecurity.

5| Cyber Crime And Security

This powerpoint presentation was published by Aeman Khan, an automation test engineer and it has crossed over 410,000 views till now. Here, the writer discusses the basics of cybersecurity such as its introduction, history, the various categories of cybercrime, its types, how cybersecurity threatens national security, advantages of cybercrime and other safety tips to cybercrimes including cyber law in India.

6| Cybersecurity

This ppt is published by Bijay Bhandari, an engineer and project manager by profession. It has been viewed for over 210,000 times where the author discusses how to take action against cybercrime. You will know about the basics of cybersecurity and cybercrime, what constitutes cyber crimes, protection measures for cybercrime, advantages of cybersecurity and various safety measures.  

7| Cyber Crime

This presentation has been viewed for over 294,000 times and it includes a basic introduction to cybercrime. You will get to know about the variants of cybercrime such as phishing, vishing, cyberstalking, cost of cybercrime in India, cyber laws, various ACTs including the preventive measures for such activities.

8| Overview Of Artificial Intelligence In cybersecurity

This presentation, an overview of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity was published in June 2019 by Olivier Busolini, a cybersecurity professional. Here, he talks about artificial imitation augmented intelligence, basic types of AI and machine learning, difficulties to develop AI solutions, challenges in machine learning, AI in cybersecurity, key flaws of cybersecurity, AI risk framework, basic introduction to defensive AI, adversarial AI as well as offensive AI and much more.  

9| Security Automation And Machine Learning

The security automation and machine learning ppt is published by Siemplify, a security platform in January this year and has got more than 100 viewers. It includes a basic introduction to cybersecurity and machine learning, types of machine learning techniques, security analysis for machine learning, threats on machine learning, machine learning for prevention, detection, incident response and SOC management. 

10| The Role Of Big Data, AI And ML In Cyber Intelligence

The role of big data, AI and ML in cyber intelligence ppt was published by Aladdin Dandis, an information security manager who gives a brief introduction to cyber intelligence, raw threat data and threat intelligence, understanding AI and machine learning drivers, various kinds of cybersecurity options such as phishing, anti-malware, fraud detection, cyber intelligence framework and its challenges.

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