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3rd Business Analytics Conclave on Rise of Algorithm Economy: Analytics for Competitive Advantage: February 24, 2017, Bengaluru

3rd Business Analytics Conclave on Rise of Algorithm Economy: Analytics for Competitive Advantage: February 24, 2017, Bengaluru

The progression of prescriptive analytics has advanced to data sciences, by now. Exponential focus around digital transformation paired with emergence of plug and play algorithms is becoming crucial for survival of business enterprises. Being able to tap into this dark side of data and act on the insights, is a key differentiator between digital attackers and the laggards. The key to the future in leveraging accurate algorithms, lies in the ability to harness its use in addressing complex business problems.

The third dimension (apart from proliferation of data and computing power), is the quality of the algorithms which is used to process this massive data and derive meaning to drive decisions. The use of complexity-driven algorithms and machine learning techniques allow firms to go beyond market segmentation, for instance, the ability to develop the driverless car, or the capacity to identify cancerous cells in images, all require the combination of deep learning algorithms applied to large datasets.

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In the last 3 years, advancement is algorithms have gone beyond imitating easily replicable skills, and now foraying increasingly into  areas that calls for a higher level of expertise – such as driving cars, diagnosing medical images, playing chess or Go, and even engaging in creative tasks such as poetry or painting. Widely considered to be the next frontier in technology, the best-in-breed companies are investing on robust algorithms in various functions of business. What these algorithms are capable of in future, is only limited by human imagination.

Mankind is faced with humongous challenges in areas as diverse as education, healthcare, infrastructure and financial inclusion. Can we expand the scope of Algorithms and apply it to a broader range of problem solving to not just automate business, but make human existence more comfortable and meaningful as well?

With these facets in mind, the 3rd Business Analytics Conclave to be held on 24th February, 2017 has crafted the theme, “RISE OF ALGORITHM ECONOMY: ANALYTICS FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE”. The conclave will focus on how organizations can marry best of the breed algorithms to the realities of the complex marketplace and how algorithms are becoming fulcrum to the digital transformation for the enterprises.  

Listen to the best minds from the Data Analytics industry share their experiences, thoughts and experiences and find out more about the many opportunities that Data Analytics has to offer. These include:

Title: How Advancements in Algorithms are Driving Innovation and Transformation within Businesses 

Christopher Arnold, Knowledge Service Leader, Wells Fargo & Company

Sanjay Srivastava, Director, Analytics, A Fortune 500 Company


Title: Being Digital – How AI, IoT, RPA, Automation are Redefining the New Technology Landscape 

Pankaj Rai, Sr. Vice President (Strategy), Wells Fargo & Company

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Title: Talent Sciences: Revolutionizing the entire facets of HR

Kenneth Wheeler, Asst. Vice President, HR, LogiNext Solutions


Attendance is by invitation only. Limited places available. For registration, please email at [email protected] or call Deborah Smith on 0-9910115658 or 011 41730151/53 (Extn. 3171).

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