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5 Indicators That Show You’re Not Working In An AI Company

5 Indicators That Show You’re Not Working In An AI Company

Harshajit Sarmah

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The excitement is completely different when you get to work for a company that deals with artificial intelligence and products related to AI. However, the reality is quite very different. There are chances that, under the hood lies a fact that the company your working in is not a core AI company.

In order to help you all figure out whether you are working in a core AI company, Analytics India Magazine lists down some points to look for in a company that promises to deliver the best-of-breed AI services and products.

More Words Than Action

It is always intriguing to have a boardroom brainstorming about AI innovations. However, what is the point of all those long brainstorming sessions and discussion that is only limited to the board room? There are many companies that only talks about AI instead of working on it. So, if you are witnessing the same in your company than it is definitely an early indicator that the company you are working is not AI ready.

No Innovation Strategy

Talking about AI, it needs a strong foundational strategy in-house to carry out any kind of innovation. If a company is core AI, then it would definitely have a strategic team that analyses all the pros and cons and determines whether the company could address the critical needs of the innovation process.

There are many companies across the world that create hype about themselves being an AI company and keep developing random products that don’t even last a month in the market. And that is not something a core AI company does — it predicts the technologies or products that will take hold of the market and also systematically review the opportunities and figure out how they will make an impact in the industry.

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So, if your company doesn’t have a solid innovation strategy, its high time that you understand that your company isn’t a core-AI company.

Doesn’t Have A Great Team

Artificial Intelligence might sound very fancy, however, implementing AI requires a lot of effort and engineering expertise. And for any company to be a top-tier AI company, it needs a strong in-house team of AI engineers, data scientist, researchers who are dedicated enough to work day in and out to deploy AI.

Another thing that plays a vital role in deploying AI is having a customer-centric view. AI is having a major impact already, and with time it is becoming imperative for AI companies to deliver products that deliver value to its customers. So, along with the engineering team, a team of people who keep customer service on the front-line is very much required.

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Therefore, a company without a strong engineering and customer service team is definitely not going to be a Core-AI company.

Employees and Customers Are Not Being Heard

This is one of the major problems with most of the companies. At one point in time, companies tend to avoid their customers’ and employees’ feedback and suggestions. And it is not all a great idea. If you are not listening to what others feel about your products and services, then how do you expect to meet employees’ and customers’ needs with AI?  

A core AI company never ignores its employees and customers as it provides an opportunity for a company to study and know things better, which later helps in innovation.

When you are from the Artificial Intelligence space, it is imperative to know what is going on around the world and by listening to the employees and customers, a company can definitely have an idea of what kind of innovation should be done.

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