5 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Outsource Market Research

5-questions-you-need-to-ask-before-you-outsource-market-researchMarket research is one of the most important elements of every successful business and every business owner should make it one of the top priorities for improving and growing their business. Conducting market research can provide you with a number of benefits; because it can help you determine the needs of your target customers, which undeniably represent a very important piece of information.

Knowing and understanding what your target customers’ needs are is crucial, since you can implement various strategies accordingly and meet those needs and desires. Market research helps you accomplish that by providing you with valuable information on your customers’ behavior, that is, it helps you know why they are purchasing your products or using your services, or why they are perhaps doing the opposite.

Due to the importance of market research, many business owners decide to hire someone else to do it for them, because not only can outsourcing save them a lot of money, but it can also provide them with efficient and, more importantly, effective results.


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If you are reading this, it is safe to assume you are considering outsourcing market research as well, but how can you be sure that you will make the right choice? In order to be absolutely certain, you need to ask yourself some crucial questions before you go and hire a market research company, so take a look at what those are.

Would You Save Money by Conducting Market Research In-House?

This is the first and most obvious question every business owner asks before turning to outsourcing. Would you save money by conducting market research internally? The answer is definitely yes. The money you would spend to hire an outsourcing company would stay in your pocket by doing your project in-house, but at what expense?

If you decide to do your project in-house, you would need to invest a lot of time and money in order to do it properly and, thus, reap the actual benefits from it. Your employees would need to focus a lot of their time on research, which would cost them their productivity. As a result, your company would suffer the consequences, since all of your day-to-day operations would be slowed down.

More importantly, you might even spend a lot more money than you should, simply because you want everything to go down perfectly, but you may lack the expertise in the field. Again, your company would be negatively affected. However, it can happen that conducting market research internally brings positive results, but those instances are extremely rare and, again, they are definitely not cost-efficient.

Do You Have the Necessary Expertise for Market Research?

Market research is definitely not something your every employee can do. As a matter of fact, perhaps none of your employees can do it properly, simply because they don’t do it on a daily basis. Are your employees actually aware of the importance of market research and do they even have experience in the field? Do they know anything about survey design and data analysis? Do they know what focus group moderation and group facilitation are? More importantly, do they know what to do with the findings of market research?

There are various survey applications that can help you conduct market research, but they are far from having all the necessary tools for helping you do it properly and gaining some useful information. You would still need to compose specific survey questions, so that you can acquire crucial information about your target market.

Furthermore, numerous programs you can use for research cannot possibly provide you with important in-depth information needed for your company’s actual growth, such as informed insights on the findings of your research. All you would end up having is incomplete data and the need for proper market research would be greater.

Therefore, you need someone who is an expert in market research, because only someone with actual knowledge and experience can provide you with positive results that can benefit your company. Hence, outsourcing is a much better option you should go for.

Can You Be Objective When Conducting Market Research Internally?

The ability to be objective when running a business is something not every business owner has, but it is one of the most important factors that can influence one’s overall success.

Why is objectivity so important? Because when you are able to take on a different perspective on things, you can shed some more light on your path and know exactly which direction to take in order to get to your end goal. You may discover critical information that you may otherwise overlook.

If you can be objective enough to conduct market research in-house, then you can certainly gain relevant information and use your findings properly. However, it is a fact that an observer outside your company can be much more objective, so you should really think about hiring a market research company, because they can provide you with a fresh perspective and credible findings.

What If You End Up with Faulty Research?

This is perhaps the most important and unquestionably the scariest question you need to ask before diving into the outsourcing world. What if the market research team you hired turns out to be completely faulty? What if the findings don’t provide you with any actionable results?

This is something that makes many business owners scratch the option of outsourcing market research. It definitely is a scary option but, in order to avoid the common pitfalls, you need to hire someone to help you out.

It can be tricky if you have no idea what to look for when searching for an outsourcing agency, but it is even scarier to try and do it yourself, because the chances of ending up with incomplete research are even higher.

Therefore, don’t try and save every penny when it comes to market research if you don’t want to end up with faulty results. This means that you shouldn’t do it yourself, but hire someone who can help you, since it will definitely be worth every dime. You need to spend a bit more money if you want to do the research right and doing so will provide you with complete information, which is precisely the point of conducting market research in the first place, right?

How to Actually Choose a Market Research Agency?

If you manage to find a reputable and reliable market research agency that can provide you with exceptional services from expert professionals, you can succeed in achieving your business goals in no time. However, how can you know what agency is the best one for you and your needs?

What’s important is to make sure the outsourcing agency you choose understands your business goals and knows how to conduct market research so that it aligns with your objectives. You need to make sure they will use methods and strategies that will result in relevant information that you can actually use.

You need to know how they work with their clients and whether or not they will provide you with status updates and essential reports. You need to gain an insight into their approach in order to see if it aligns with your approach, because being on the same page will certainly benefit the entire project.

You should learn everything there is to know about a particular agency before choosing them for your needs, so make sure you check online reviews and references, as well as various other publications.

There are many benefits of conducting market research, so make sure you do everything you can to gain accurate results that will help you stay ahead of the curve and grow your business. Outsourcing will definitely help you make the right choice, so seriously consider taking up that path.

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