7 AI-Powered Tools For Content Creators

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The thing about AI tools is that the more you use them, the more knowledgeable it gets. So, each time a user tells it what they do and don’t like about it, it registers and delivers better results with every passing search. 

The tools can help you ideate and identify how to write about a particular topic by providing outlines. For people struggling to come up with ideas or just looking to polish their work, here are seven AI-powered content-creation tools you can use to automate your work.


Jasper has a suite of templates that can create everything from email subject lines to long-form blog posts. As a result, users can produce high-quality content at scale with just a few prompts within moments. 


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Surfer is an AI-powered content creation tool that combines keyword research, content editing, domain analysis, and SERP analysis with content planning to ensure you’re always writing relevant content. There are a lot of features that this tool has when it comes to content writing.

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Surfer’s document editor lets you copy and paste directly into your platform of choice and is already formatted for HTML, so that takes one more thing off your plate.

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The nice thing about Copy AI is that it has a free version that allows you to utilise its features without payment. If you’re experiencing writer’s block, this tool may help overcome it. With Copy AI, you’re able to write content efficiently and quickly. 

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Deciding where to start can be difficult for writers or content creators and staring at a blank page is never fun. Frase steps in for help here and creates outlines based on content all over the internet. Then, using questions asked by users, Frase is trained to suggest keywords and subheads one can use to ensure a better ranking of their content on the web. 

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Scalenut is an excellent AI writing tool that gives you complete control over your content creation. Whether you are newer to AI content generation or a content marketing professional, it scales well for each circumstance. In addition, it provides the tools and features you need to write great content.

Scalenut allows you to access unlimited words without having to pay extra. In addition, you’re not limited to a paid plan with this tool.

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Neural Text

Neural Text’s user experience could be improved with an updated interface. For example, the keyword difficulty tool allows you to see how you could rank with certain keywords, particularly how difficult they are. Master keyword clusters to get high-quality traffic from the web. It automatically finds the best keywords to increase your keyword density to reach more potential customers.

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A tool that allows you to conduct keyword research, write your content, and optimise it within the program. This means the user doesn’t have to utilise two separate programs to conduct research and then create content. Instead, GrowthBar has it all in one platform. 

You can do everything from product descriptions, or generate simple paragraphs or entire articles, sales emails, and more.

Follow the link to try GrowthBar.

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