8 Cool AI-based Technologies Released In 2020

The pandemic may have put a pause in our normal day-to-day life, but when it comes to the evolving of technology, especially in the case of artificial intelligence, the world has been witnessing interesting and cool technologies being revealed by tech companies, on an everyday basis. 

In this article, we will cover some of those coolest AI-based technologies, in no particular order, that are released in 2020, amid pandemic.

BrainBox AI

The AI system for HVAC, BrainBox AI has been recognised as a TIME Best Invention of 2020. The AI technology uses deep learning, cloud computing and custom algorithms to proactively optimise the energy consumption of climate change contributors, including buildings. A fully autonomous solution BrainBox AI is empowering building owners to reduce their carbon emissions while generating significant savings along the way.

Tiger Lake By Intel

At the CES 2020, Intel unveiled Tiger Lake, which is a code name for the 11th generation Intel Core mobile processors based on the new Willow Cove Core microarchitecture. Built on Intel’s 10nm+ process, Tiger Lake is designed to bring mobile computing to life. According to the official blog post, the processors are designed to deliver double-digit performance gains, massive AI performance improvements, a huge leap in graphics performance and 4x throughput of USB 3 with the new integrated Thunderbolt 4. 

Intel Xe DG1 GPU

During this year’s CES event, Intel has also announced its own graphic cards Xe DG1 GPU, chip maker’s first discrete graphics card in decades. With the official release, Intel’s CEO Bob Swan has also announced in October that the AI-based DG1 GPU is shipping now and will be in systems from multiple OEMs in the fourth quarter. He also mentioned that based on the Xe high-performance gaming architecture, this product would take the discrete graphics capability up the stack into the enthusiast segment. 

Lightsaber for Coronavirus

Recently, Juganu, an Israel-based smart city lighting solutions company, announced the launch of an AI-driven light technology, known as J.Protect. According to sources, it is known to be the first-of-its-kind circadian lighting system that inactivates SARS-CoV-2 – the virus which causes COVID-19. The AI-system is said to use a combination of high-quality surface light mixed with ultraviolet light A (UV-A) and C (UV-C) to inactivate bacteria and viruses – including SARS-CoV-2.

KODA Social Robot

In October, the AI robotic dog company announced the pre-release of KODA futureproof social robot dog. According to news, the social robot is designed to be functional from pragmatic and emotional perspectives. Alongside, it also comes with the blockchain-enabled decentralised AI infrastructure of Koda that allows the robot dog to serve a multitude of purposes. Each KODA in the dog’s brain is connected to a secure blockchain network allowing for an industry-first decentralised AI mind. This network is used to share data points, process-optimal solutions and learn skills while it forgets the remaining superfluous data.

Samsung Neon

Earlier this year at CES 2020 event, Samsung unveiled its lifelike artificial humans known as NEON. NEON is an AI-powered avatar developed by Samsung subsidiary STAR Labs. Powered by STAR Labs’ Core R3 and SPECTRA technologies, NEONs are lifelike computer-generated AI avatars. According to sources, the feature AI-generated virtual avatars of NEON are indistinguishable from humans, and each one of them has his/her own unique personality.

Embodied Moxie

In April this year, Paolo Pirjanian, co-founder and CEO of Embodied announced a social robot, known as Moxie, designed to assist kids with social and emotional learning. According to sources, the robot can understand and express emotions with emotive speech, believable facial expressions and body language, tapping into human psychology and neurology to create deeper bonds. 

BIC Smart Shaver AI-Enabled Razor

At CES 2020, BIC unveiled an AI-enabled prototype shaver that is designed in partnership with Invoxia. According to sources, the prototype razor is the first wet shaver with AI technology that captures data about the complete shaving experience, including temperature, humidity, hair density, shaving speed, number of strokes, time spent shaving, blade dullness, and more.  

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