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A Day In The Life Of: Ezetap Analyst Who Wants To Step Up To The Data Scientist Role

A Day In The Life Of: Ezetap Analyst Who Wants To Step Up To The Data Scientist Role



As an Analyst who is an aspiring data scientist and a night owl who creates AI-powered dashboards for customer interaction, Sujeet Nayak from Ezetap leads a busy life. We talked to Nayak, who works in the Customer Solutions team, to give us a perspective about his work, life and working with emerging tech.

How To Start Your Career In Data Science?

Each week, for our column ‘A Day In The Life Of’, we talk to awesome techies from various organisations who are working in areas like big data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

Nayak, who has a buoyant personality and lively voice, told Analytics India Magazine that the key to his creativity at the workplace lies in his morning ritual. “My day begins at 8 am with a cup of warm lemon water and then referring to the quick notes for the day about all the tasks to finish as a priority,” he says.

He says that the best part about working for a fintech startup was its flexible timings, but adds that the adrenaline rush for him comes from taking on more responsibilities, working with new ideas and putting his best effort to achieve targets.

But that does not mean that it’s all work and no play for Nayak. “My exciting job doesn’t dictate my personal life. I love travelling — and on long weekends, I mostly go on trips. On Saturday nights, I generally make it to the highways to enjoy a short night spin,” he says enthusiastically.

Explaining about his work in detail, Nayak says that as an Analyst in the Customer Solution Team, his work is primarily focused on interacting with their existing customers as well as the ones who have just come on board.

“I have to coordinate with the internal team of the organisation, understand the business and create an end-to-end solution for them. Some of the examples are Analytical Portals, Dashboards and even reports. This involves understanding the data, cleaning up the data for business use, followed by coding and validating the data, before I present the same,” says Nayak.

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Ezetap, the company Nayak works for, provides mobile point-of-sales payment solutions in India. They also offer card swipe devices and mobile applications for businesses and financial institutions to complete financial transactions. The company’s solution features remote pay, universal payment acceptance, multi-bank EMI, on-us routing, multi-TID, smart charge slips, universal wallet acceptance, and multiple device lines. Ezetap was founded in 2011 and is based in Bengaluru.

When asked about what were the best and the worst parts of his job description, Nayak says, “On a typical workday, I really feel good when I solve business-related issues. Sometimes, they’re way trickier and solving them can take hours. The worst part is when I have plenty of things in my bucket and then some existing issue makes a comeback. Choosing one task as a priority over another does matter a lot in my workplace,” he says.

Five years down the line, Nayak sees himself as a full-fledged Data Scientist. In fact, he is reskilling himself and studying for it. “My short term goal is to learn new skills, to explore new things and implementing those, to become a perfect Data Scientist,” he concludes.

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