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ACCS-2014, IIT Kanpur

ACCS-2014, IIT Kanpur


The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is one of the most acclaimed and prestigious centers of learning in the world, undoubtedly one of the most respect garnering educational institutes in India.


ACCS, the Analytics case study competition and Symposium, of IIT Kanpur is one of the few business analytics competitions and symposium organized in the country. The event is organized by the Business Analytics Club – Vishleshan, IIT Kanpur in the last week of September.

ACCS attracts best brain from the academic space to give analytical solutions to business problems. After the overwhelming response during the first year of the competition, the department is planning to organize Analytics Case Competition and Symposium 2014, ACCS-14, in the last week of September 2014. ACCS-2013 saw the participation of many industry giants

like DELL, Bridgei2i, [24]7, Bajaj Finance and Microsoft.   Please find

the link to previous year¹s event

Industry at ACCS-13 : The symposium of ACCS-2013, saw interest of many large organizations in the field of analytics. The symposium of ACCS-2013 saw the participation of many industry giants like DELL, Bridgei2i, [24]7 and Bajaj Finance. Microsoft and Mydatawise participated in the web-cast, which was a follow up event.

We invite industry leader and pioneers in the field of analytics to share their experience. Please find contact details for more details.

Saurabh Prasad

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

M ¬ +91 9695903737

E-Mail ¬ [email protected]


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Pratha Pareek

Indian Institute of Technology kanpur

M ¬ +91 7754856927

E-Mail ¬ [email protected]


Crowd Highlights: The analytics case study competition of ACCS-2013 got participation from across departments at IIT Kanpur and the symposium web-page got more than five thousands hits. The quiz competitions help in the month of April as a follow up event saw 1682 unique teams. This year the we plan to advertise the event through college PR Media team as a pan India event inviting entries from all other IITS and IIMs.

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