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AI In India Requires A Different Approach

AI In India Requires A Different Approach

Natarajan Chandrasekaran

At the Nasscom Technology Leadership forum, N Chandrasekaran, chairman of Tata Sons said that India should not go by the narratives set by developed countries on Artificial Intelligence. In developed countries, the narrative of AI being used for streamlining business operations, improving productivity, and replacing jobs through automation is legit, but in countries like India, the requirements and implementation is different. Develop countries are witnessing ageing workforces, lack of growth, and more. India, in contrast, has a higher growth rate, the average workforce is too young. 

In India, AI and other technologies have to be embraced for creating markets, which is not the case for developed counties, where they have deployed technology for making the market more efficient. “We have to devise plans according to India’s demographic demand,” said Chandrasekaran. The idea should be to upskill and bring other professionals apart from software professional and white-collar workers. He further thrashed the notion that the latest technologies such as AI and data science are not only for the elite. We have to ensure that everyone takes part in the development of the country through the use of these technologies. This can only be possible when people from diverse sector start leveraging AI to simplify the tasks by 2030.

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Many countries are facing a dearth of the workforce, however, for India 90 million people will be included in the coming decade. Consequently, India only needs to focus on upskilling the workforce who in turn will create diverse markets. This will further increase the requirement of professionals for integrating technology for optimising business activities.

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