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Analyttica Datalab Releases COVID-19 Data Exploration On ATH Leaps

Analyttica Datalab Releases COVID-19 Data Exploration On ATH Leaps

Analyttica Datalab Releases COVID-19 Data Exploration On ATH Leaps

Analyttica Datalab has released a COVID-19 analysis dashboard on Analyttica TreasureHunt LEAPS portal in order to provide real-time insights of this pandemic.

In a recent LinkedIn post by Satyamoy Chatterjee, Executive Vice President at Analyttica Datalab Inc stated that — “Analyttica has come up with it’s “Covid Analysis” arena available on the Analyttica TreasureHunt LEAPS portal…”

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He further stated that — “While we start with publishing facts via different visualisations, keeping it interactive to the extent possible for the ease of extracting insights, we plan to focus on three areas —“

Here, Chatterjee continued by stating the essential things that they are keeping in mind while creating this COVID dashboard. Firstly, the company aimed to keep the dashboard up to date with the latest data along with interactive visualisations.

Secondly, the company wished to analyse different models available publicly, dive deeper and apply interpretable machine learning algorithms, such as LIME and SHAP, in order to publish insights in a simplified manner.

Thirdly, this dashboard will help users to experiment and learn from the data available on Analyttica TreasureHunt LEAPS. According to the company, the data will be “periodically refreshed and embellished.” Analyttica Datalab has further applied 650+ R/Python functions and algorithms available in the platform point n click, including advanced machine learning and visualisation abilities.

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In order to create this interactive COVID analysis arena, the company has sourced its data from John Hopkins University for world data and for data related to the country.

Analyttica Datalab, founded by Rajeev Baphna, has been working towards designing and developing robust analytical and machine learning solutions for its customers. 

Such an initiative is indeed a significant step towards combating this pandemic. The company is providing data around confirmed cases distribution, comparison data of confirmed cases growth across countries along with case comparison across continents, daily confirmed cases, the world-wide growth rate in the form of interactive data and charts, which can help people analyse and build something for the greater good.

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