Ekta Shah
Ekta Shah
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An engineer at the core, data science is my passion. I have a Masters in Data Science from NMIMS. I have worked on machine learning problems, image classification and reinforcement learning problems. Solving complex problems and thinking of easy solutions is what I practice. Avid reader and writer describe me the best.

Learning About Data Science The “Scientists” Way

As a kid, the term “Scientist” always fascinated me and made me wonder about the wonderful experiments that Scientists would conduct wearing those white coats. Scientists were considered to be higher-level professionals at that time in this field. Scientists were…

Do You Actually Need To Write Your Own Image Classification Network?

Today, Image classification has found widespread use in many industries and across verticals. Everyone is taking up tasks involving image classification and utilizing the benefits of neural networks. Image classification is done with the help of Convolutional Neural Networks.  Convolutional…

Reinforcement Learning In Finance – A Newbie In Portfolio Selection And Allocation

Ever heard about financial use cases of reinforcement learning, yes but very few. One such use case of reinforcement learning is in portfolio management. Earlier Markowitz models were used, then came the Black Litterman models but now with the advent…

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