Christopher Arnold
Christopher Arnold
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Chris Arnold (popularly known as the Data Whisperer) has been making data talk since the age of mainframes. Spanning quantitative and qualitative analysis, he has built high functioning quant teams and data mart solutions across pharmaceutical, automotive, and financial services industries; within risk, operations, and marketing domains. He has also conducted ethnographic research in the Amazon basin and focus groups for ‘pay now-die later‘ funeral insurance plans. He currently leads Wells Fargo’s enterprise-wide Knowledge Service practice, with teams in India and the Philippines. Besides, Chris is a Lecturer of Data Visualization in UC Berkeley’s data science program.

The Data Whisperer’s Top 10 Wacky Analytic Predictions For 2018

While analytics industry has never failed to amuse the tech enthusiasts with its ever evolving nature, we bring to you another set of wacky yet interesting predictions that The Data Whisperer sees in the coming year. While industry stalwarts have…

Right Visualization Series with The Data Whisperer – Axis of evil

Laziness causes a large proportion of poor data graphics. Highlighting two variables and clicking the dual axis option takes seconds, but produces a confusing mess for your readers. The second axis (what I call the axis of evil) adds complexity…

Right Visualization Series with The Data Whisperer – Flying Snakes

Highlighting a large volume of time series data results in a fast, yet virtually impenetrable graphic. Twisting, turning, and slithering through the air, I call this flying snakes.  When asked to describe the pattern, a sharp reader might call out…

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