Neha Wadhawan
Neha Wadhawan
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Neha Wadhwan is a part of AIM Writers Programme. She has done her Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics and has over 12 years of experience in Analytics in sectors like Banking, Telecom, media and e-commerce. Analytics is her passion and she loves playing with numbers and creating a story out of data

Chi-Square Test: An Analysis Of Relationship Between Variables

Let’s think of a scenario — we are looking to build a predictive model which will predictive the probability of a telecom customer attrition. One of the variables we have got in our data is a binary variable (two categories…

What Are The Traits Of A Good Data Analyst? An Industry Insider Explains

Most technical blogs and books teach you there are basically three types of people in emerging tech, specifically data analytics: Those who can code well Those who know the business well Those who know both coding and business The people…

A Primer On Evaluation Techniques In Data Science Classification Methods

With the growth of data, tools and techniques to do predictive modelling as well as the evaluation methods used to assess the performance of a model have evolved. Model development is an iterative process and evaluation methods play an important…

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