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Chai Point Goes The Tech Way, Uses Apps, IoT, To Serve Corporate Clients

Chai Point Goes The Tech Way, Uses Apps, IoT, To Serve Corporate Clients

chai point boxc

chai point boxc

Nobody needs to teach Amuleek Singh Bijral, founder of the wildly popular Chai Point, the importance of tea in the Indian culture. Said to be the second-most consumed beverage in country, Bijral has been riding the success wave with the help of tea-lovers across the country.

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Bijral, who comes from a tech background himself, has made use of Data Analytics as well as Internet of Things (IoT) in the day-to-day operations of Chai Point.

For example, boxC, the dispenser platform for Chai Point provides freshly-brewed Chai and Filter Coffee to corporate companies. The 100 percent IoT-enabled automatic dispenser ensures that professionals get a great tasting cup of chai at work.

Interestingly, according to a report in Business World, the prices for a cup of tea under this this B2B version of the company, is inversely proportional to the volume. Higher the volume less the cost of a cup. The cost of preparation can even go as low as ₹7 while retailing starts at over ₹30.

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Chai Point also has Shark, a cloud server that connects POS (points of sales) with their own inventory to ensure swift service and execution. The server helps the organisation pinpoint which products, locations are performing most, and helps the company cater to them. This also results in reduced wastage and easier supply chain management.

Speaking to Business Standard in an interview, Bijral said:

“As we are building these dispensers, we are giving them IoT capabilities and making them more advanced. The next versions are all going to run on Android.”

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