Coca-Cola Unveils New AI-Created Flavour, Y3000 Zero Sugar

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Up until now, we have discovered various generative AI use cases, from creating songs to solving real-world problems. However, for the first time ever, you can literally taste the future as beverage giant Coca-Cola is using AI to develop a new flavour: Y3000 Zero Sugar. This unique flavour aims to offer a “taste of the future”.

The company announced a collaboration with Bain & Company and OpenAI in February to harness the power of generative AI, including DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT. 

AI played a pivotal role not only in crafting the flavour but also in designing the packaging, including the logo and text script. Coca-Cola took into account feedback from its fans during the formulation process. Each can of Y3000 will feature a QR code, leading consumers to an online experience powered by AI, showcasing a vision of the year 3000.

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Furthermore, Coca-Cola is launching a clothing line in partnership with fashion brand Ambush, aligned with the Y3000 release. The campaign was a collaborative effort involving creative agencies like WPP’s Open X, EssenceMediacom, Forpeople, and a cloud tech platform.

What Others can Learn from Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has a history of experimenting with AI, and one notable instance is their AI-driven campaign called ‘Masterpiece’, launched shortly after their partnership. This campaign has attracted significant attention for its innovative use of AI, where it tells the story of a Coca-Cola bottle’s journey through famous artworks serving as a source of inspiration for a thirsty student. This visually captivating commercial seamlessly combines live-action footage, digital effects, and AI, smoothly transitioning between various art styles. It features well-known artists like Utagawa Hiroshige, JMW Turner, and Van Gogh, as well as contemporary artists such as Aket, Vikram Kushwah, Stefania Tejada, and Fatma Ramadan.

Furthermore, Coca-Cola has integrated AI into various facets of its operations. They’ve introduced vending machines equipped with AI algorithms that recommend drinks based on your location. In addition, the company employs AI for social media analysis, operating 37 “social centres” that collect and analyse data using the Salesforce platform. Moreover, Coca-Cola utilises image recognition technology to target potential customers who share images online. Additionally, they employ AI to validate proof of purchase for their loyalty and reward programs, collaborating with Google’s TensorFlow technology to recognise codes that may appear differently depending on when and where they are printed.

Shritama Saha
Shritama (she/her) is a technology journalist at AIM who is passionate to explore the influence of AI on different domains including fashion, healthcare and banks.

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