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Cognizant CEO Plays Down Job Cuts Reports, Says Will Up Hiring In India

Cognizant CEO Plays Down Job Cuts Reports, Says Will Up Hiring In India

Brian Humphries, CEO of Cognizant has strongly denied reports stating a large number of job cuts across its offices in the world. As per news reports, Humphries sounded optimistic as he said that the IT company will continue to hire more talent in India and also abroad. He mentioned that Cognizant is growing and investing heavily in its technology.  

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 “I think a lot of this is noise that you see popping up in the media in the absence of other headlines… As we accelerate our growth we will actually hire more people, so, on the contrary, I am expecting to increase headcounts in India and indeed internationally,” Humphries told the news channel during the interview.

According to Humphries, Cognizant is only the second company after Tata Consultancy Services to cross the mark of two lakh employees in India. He said that talent across the organisation will be reshaped to give more priority to talent with skills in newer and emerging technologies. Humphries emphasised that talented people with skills in areas like machine learning, internet of things and others will be important and new jobs will be in the same areas.

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“I think the fundamentals of the business remain very strong. It is clear that we haven’t been performing to our potential so that has really been my focus since I have joined. I spend all my time internally with our associates, all our time with customers and really trying to drive our strong values. So I am confident that the market is strong and we will be able to accelerate growth into the future,” Humphries told a news channel.


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