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Dr Rajiv Joshi, An Indian-American Scientist, Named Inventor Of The Year

Dr Rajiv Joshi, An Indian-American Scientist, Named Inventor Of The Year

Dr Rajiv Joshi

Dr Rajiv Joshi, an Indian-American inventor, has been awarded prestigious Inventor of the Year award for his research and development in advancing the electronic industry and enhancing artificial intelligence capabilities. Currently, Dr Joshi is working at IBM Thomson Watson Research Center in New York and has over 250 patents in the latest technologies.

Earlier this month, Dr Joshi was given the annual award by the New York Intellectual Property Law Association during a virtual awards ceremony. Dr Joshi is an IIT Mumbai alumnus, has an MS degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a PhD in mechanical/electrical engineering from Columbia University, New York.

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Dr Joshi has been involved in a wide range of inventions ranging from novel interconnects structure and processes for scaling, machine learning techniques for predictive failure analytics, high performance, high bandwidth, and low power integrated circuits and memories. These developments have helped build superior electronic solutions for various day-to-day needs.

Dr Joshi, in his acceptance speech, said that cloud, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing not only remain the buzzwords, but their utility, widespread usage is advancing with leaps and bounds. “All these areas are very exciting, and I have been dabbling further in artificial intelligence and quantum computing,” he said.

He further said that quantum computing has huge potential but has numerous challenges. Dr Joshi is committed to making progress in quantum computing and artificial intelligence in the coming years to advance the science.

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In a recent interview, Dr Joshi said “Necessity and curiosity inspire me; the identification of problems and out of the box solutions as well as observation and thinking help immensely to generate ideas. One of the many Dr Joshi’s motivation is the stories that his parents told him while growing up. The stories mostly were related to renowned inventors like Guglielmo Marconi, Right Brothers, Madame Curie, James Watt, and other great stalwarts.

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