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EY Acquires Gurugram-Based AI-Enabled Skilling Platform Spotmentor

EY Acquires Gurugram-Based AI-Enabled Skilling Platform Spotmentor

In a recent development, EY India acquired Spotmentor Technologies, an AI startup specialising in HR tech space founded by four Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur alumni, for an undisclosed amount. It comes in a move to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning in their product offering. EY believes AI is crucial for boosting their service offerings to the client.

Gurugram Spotmentor is an end-to-end skilling platform to help businesses identify skills required for the future of work, upskilling and reskilling talent. EY is looking to strengthen its people advisory portfolio of digital services through the acquisition.

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It was founded by Deepak Singh, Arpit Goyal, Shekhar Suman and Yash Pl Mittal in 2016 to serve industries such as on large enterprises, government and industry bodies to help them identify required skill and competency gaps through hyper-personalised learning and reskilling plans. The company believes that the startup’s AI solutions can be deployed across an organisation’s value chain.

Rohan Sachdev, Partner and Consulting Leader, EY India told media that the acquisition of Spotmentor Technologies will boost their digital offerings by combining their strength in strategic people consulting and seasoned experience in learning and skills development.

It is interesting to note that big four firms along with other consulting firms are competing in an environment where artificial intelligence is becoming crucial to the way they offer services to their clients.

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