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Five Strategies Of Grooming Analytics Leaders The Tredence Way

Five Strategies Of Grooming Analytics Leaders The Tredence Way

In a world dominated by innovation and transformation, Tredence is creating value for employees and helping them thrive in this competitive data-driven environment. At a time when leading organizations are re-examining their workforce capabilities and launching L&D programs to strengthen and re-skill bench strength, Tredence has set a stellar example for mid-stage companies to drive employee development.

Founded in 2013 by IITians, Shub Bhowmick, Shashank Dubey and Sumit Mehra, Tredence provides actionable and quantifiable analytics solutions for marketing, sales and operational issues with a wide industry focus.

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AIM caught up with Tredence, Bengaluru and Bay Area headquartered analytics solutions provider to understand how they are leveraging learning as a tool to groom analytics leaders.

  • Launch pad for analytics career: The ‘Tredence Academy of Lots of Learning’ (TALL) started two years ago with an intensive 12-week Gateway program to give opportunity to fresh BTech graduates, management graduates and IT professionals who are looking to build their career in data analytics. Here is what Anurag, one of the participants had to share about the program.

“The program provided a proper path to ensure a successful shift into analytics. The program specifies the levels of courses to start with and has assessments at crucial points of the learning process. All in all, it is a great mould to put yourself in to prepare for the exciting field of analytics. The transition from a non-analytical background to a business oriented analytical genre of work was very smooth, all thanks to the GATEWAY program.”

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  • Integrating women talent in analytics: Bridge the gap is a 12-week paid internship program for women. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity to women who are on a break and are passionate to rejoin the workforce
  • Strengthening managerial capabilities: Everest is a 3-month learning program from TALL. It gives managers an opportunity to learn, network and apply the philosophy of empathy, honesty, individuality, dignity and responsibility, to bring the best out of their teams at Tredence.  A key differentiator in the Everest program is that leaders teach leaders
  • Encouraging a learning habit: The ‘U Learn V Pay’ is a unique learning offering at Tredence that encourages its employees to take any course through online platforms like Udemy/Coursera on any topic of their choice. Once the employee successfully completes the course, the course fees is reimbursed by Tredence
  • Creating an atmosphere of continuous learning: One of the first informal learning initiatives in Tredence is the ‘Weekly Agenda for Lots of Learning’ (WALL) which is conducted on the floor and has employees as well as external speakers share their achievements, strategies, and learnings through story telling. Another interesting initiative is NINJA – the peer learning communities created to foster knowledge sharing and networking

Here is what Tapan Rayaguru, COO has to say about learning as a habit at Tredence: “In the Data Sciences industry it is important to realize that knowledge is our only currency. There is a continuous need to learn which can only be made real by inculcating habits that are designed deliberately and practiced regularly.”

Takeaway From Tredence Learning Journey

Learning as a habit needs to be inculcated early on into an organization’s growth strategy. This will be a key differentiator as the company scales and expands its horizon. At Tredence, they believe that by consistently creating new learning opportunities, they are building an environment where both the individual and teams can thrive and succeed.

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