Flashback 2019: Top 6 Tech Talks From The Rising

‘The Rising’ has been the biggest meeting of women data science leaders from across the domain and women professionals from the industry as well as academia. This year, the conference is going to be held in Hotel Radisson Blu, on March 20, 2020, which will serve as a forum for exchanging ideas to build a better environment for women participating in STEM. The conference will also highlight the achievements and career interests of women in data science.

In this article, we list down top tech talks from the last year, The Rising 2019. 

The list is in no particular order.


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‘Driving towards a cleaner future through data’ by Deepika Sandeep

Deepika Sandeep is the head of AI and analytics program at BLP Clean Energy. This talk revolved around how AI, ML and augmented analytics getting employed by organisations for renewable energy, manufacturing, and downtime reduction in the utility sector, preventive maintenance, energy management, bringing about automation, inventory optimisation, and manufacturing cycle time reduction. In this talk, Deepika discussed how BLP Clean Energy used analytics and machine learning for a holistic approach for renewable energy asset performance monitoring, analysis, and prediction of impending failures of components of assets.

‘Fighting prejudice in artificial intelligence’ by Smitha Ganesh

Smitha Ganesh is the principal consultant & data scientist at Thoughtworks. In this talk, Smitha spoke about human biases and the consequences of using AI technology. It also discussed the unseen harm that AI that can cause human biases in the collected data sets. She further discussed how there would be a compounding effect during the emergence of AI, as the algorithms exhibit self-learning from data. Finally, she talked about the aspects like diversity mindset for data collection, which is the possibility of building and taking AI to an elevated level and recognising the vitality involved with AI training systems.

‘Unlock the power of intelligent enterprise with augmented analytics’ by Dharani Karthikeyan

Dharani Karthikeyan is the director of engineering at SAP. In this talk, Dharani discusses how the enterprises are transforming themselves using machine learning and AI that augmented the traditional process of analytics in an organisation, how augmented analytics helps business users to take relevant actions from insights that are automatically generated by the system. The talk also discussed how SAP portfolio and strategy enabled businesses to have an unbiased decision-making process and how it helped in identifying the correct set of business drivers.

‘Enabling early-stage breast cancer detection using AI’ by Geetha Manjunath

Dr Geetha Manjunath is the founder, CEO and CTO of NIRAMAI. Data-driven decision making using artificial intelligence is the trend of the data, seeing applications in a variety of domains. In this talk, Geetha discussed a noble application of AI in the area of healthcare developed at NIRAMAI. The talk discussed the AI application, which is an affordable and accessible solution to detect early-stage breast cancer and how it works.

‘Applying ML at scale for new user experiences’ by Vikram Vij

Vikram Vij is a senior vice president at Samsung R&D Institute. In this talk, Vikram discussed how fundamental technologies such as automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding are being used to create new experiences. The talk also discussed the challenges in the domain and intent classification for natural language understanding, and deep learning-based solutions ranging from CNN vs RNNs, Word vs character-based models, handling of variations of data and conflicts between data.

‘My experiences with data’ by Mathangi Sri

Mathangi Sri is the head of data at Gojek. In this talk, Mathangi discussed her learning in her 15 years of journey. She also talked about the experiences working across multiple problems and multiple types of data, including the challenges and opportunities. She further spoke about how the data science field itself has grown tremendously in a decade, and what are the new challenges posed.

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