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Google To Revamp Search Results Page With Icons For Mobile Users

Google To Revamp Search Results Page With Icons For Mobile Users

Anirudh VK

Google recently announced that they would be revamping the way search results are shown on mobile. The redesign features a better design for search results where the source of the result is shown in a clearer fashion. This comes after the company is redefining itself to enable a more easily understandable search experience.

This is also a move to provide information more clearly to the user in a shorter amount of time. The branding of a website ranking as a result on Google will be more clearly presented, allowing for a faster way to access the content the user was looking for. Site owners are also given a new feature to change the icon for organic listings.

This changes the look and feel of the Search results page, with a higher emphasis on the branding of the site posting the content. There is also a renewed focus on making ads more visible. The ‘Ad’ label for promoted content has lost its green colour and instead transitioned to a bolded black label to show that the result is advertised.

The redesign offers users an easier way to find out where their content is coming from, a positive move by Google that is sure to strengthen the recognition of dependable information. Moreover, Google also mentioned that this is a forward-thinking focused move, with the redesign making space for new features. Jamie Leach Senior Interaction Designer, Search, Google, said in a statement:

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“…from buying movie tickets to playing podcasts this new design allows us to add more action buttons and helpful previews to search results cards.”

This offers users multiple different options to choose from on the search page itself, driving engagement while providing a better web experience for the user. The redesign is coming soon for mobile users, with the company promising even more “fresh ways” that search will be redefined. The rollout for desktop is not mentioned yet, but will presumably be at a later date.

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