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Google’s PAIR project aims at improving AI and Machine Learning

Google’s PAIR project aims at improving AI and Machine Learning

Google has undertaken significant initiatives in the AI landscape over the last couple of years. The organization has launched a pretty advanced AI assistant for smartphones and other Internet-connected products. This is just one of the many projects Google has executed in the AI space. Its DeepMind AI was able to defeat humans in ancient board games. However, the organization is still on a conquest in the AI space.

Google is currently working on a project that involves creation of AI with a more humanistic side. The tech giant calls its new project PAIR (People + AI Research) initiative. The project will combine several minds across Google, both researchers and professionals to look at all the different ways AI can be leveraged, and how people can interact with AI systems

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PAIR’s research essentially caters to 3 key user requirements:

  •         How AI can be used as a tool in everyday life?
  •         How AI can work for professionals to make their jobs easier?
  •         How practical AI development can be taught to engineers?

Besides publishing research, the company is also open sourcing new tools and creating educational materials, which will help extend the reach of AI to as many people as possible. The two new tools include Facets Overview and Facets Dive. They will help engineers in examining and comprehending data better. Google hopes that Artificial Intelligence will soon be able to integrate get facial recognition and language processing, which the firm believes will only be possible when you get the basics of machine learning right.

The tech giant plans to release more tools like Facets in the future. The organization will set up new grants and residencies to sponsor research in the area. Several other organization in the arena are also undertaking similar research. Some of them include Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund by Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society and MIT Media Lab, as well as Elon Musk’s own OpenAI.

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